Healthy Boundaries in Romantic Relationships: Experts Say Talk it out for a blissful Relationship!

Healthy Boundaries in Romantic Relationships: Experts believe talking about it is the only way to promote Healthy Relationships!


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All healthy relationships have boundaries. In fact, a relationship cannot be healthy if clear boundaries are not set right from the beginning.  However, often these boundaries get blurred when we get involved in a romantic relationship. We expect our partner to share everything with us.  Being transparent in a relationship is important but setting boundaries is equally important. Relationship Experts revealed that when boundaries are not clearly communicated, it can lead to frustration, frequent fights and differences in a relationship. Here is how you can set healthy boundaries in romantic relationships?

Healthy Boundaries in Romantic Relationships
Healthy Boundaries in Romantic Relationships

Notably, in a romantic relationship, the boundary line helps where you and your partner start and stop and this creates natural limits. For example – If your partner is in a mood for a romantic night, but you are tired – You have the right to say No. If you say unkind words to your partner, it’s your responsibility to apologize.

How boundaries can help to make your relationship grow stronger?

A 32 –year- old woman on Quora revealed that setting boundaries in a relationship eliminates blame games.  She further added, “I have been married to my husband for the past four years and right from the beginning we decided to create healthy boundaries. Misunderstandings, arguments and conflict are a part of every relationship or marriage. But if both the partners take responsibility for their part, resolution of the problem becomes much easier.”  Simply put, clear boundaries in a relationship helps you to identify which responsibilities in a relationship are yours and which belong to your partner.

When these lines are clear and respected by both the partners, emotional intimacy has a strong foundation to grow upon.

Another Relationship Counselor, Amrita Sinha, based in Lucknow, pointed out and said ‘Good Boundaries require Honesty. For example – If you say yes to something to avoid conflict – this is a signal of boundary problems in a relationship or vice versa when you said No to something to just punish the other person. While setting the boundaries, it is important to communicate your thoughts and feelings honestly.’

Here 5 important types of boundaries that you should consider setting in your relationship:

1. Privacy 

A lot of couples say – Lovers mai Privacy Kaise? But that’s not the correct statement. We all want some sort of privacy or space.  It is not important to share everything with your partner. Asking for some privacy is completely fine. It also includes not snooping on phones or asking for logins to social media.

2. The Power of Word No! : 

No is a powerful word in a relationship and you need to use it wisely in a relationship. Experts revealed that it should not be used to punish other people.  Basically, word no can be used to express your wishes in all sorts of scenarios.

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No, I don’t want to have Sex

No, I don’t want to have pasta for dinner tonight

No, I don’t want to hit gym with you today

One should be able to say No without having to explain your precise reason.

Note: This doesn’t include saying no to visiting parents –it is reasonable for them to expect you to make the effort unless you have a good excuse.

Healthy Boundaries in Romantic Relationships
Healthy Boundaries in Romantic Relationships

3. The sharing of your private stuff with family and friends

Romantic relationships should be kept private. Your relationship and things are entirely yours and your partner’s business. It’s okay if you people feel right to share a few details with others. But communicate clearly what you don’t your partner to discuss with friends and family such as  – Sex Life, Mental Health or respective pasts.

4. Decision – Making

There should be absolutely no assumptions when it comes to decision making in a romantic relationship. One should not make decisions for the couple as a whole. If the decision is going to impact your life, then it is important to discuss it with your partner.

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5. Friendships and Friend circle

Your partner might not like all your friends, nor you theirs and that’s fine. Set mutual boundaries when it comes to making friends. If you don’t like their friends, you can politely let them know instead of telling them to cut off their friends from their lives.


Well, honest communication is the key to unlock successful boundaries in a relationship. It is important to set them up for a blissful relationship. All you need to do is – Set good boundaries because not all boundaries are good, boundaries should bring harmony in a relationship and should be comfortable for both parties.  One should choose appropriate time to discuss these boundaries with the partner and make them clear.

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