Romantic Bollywood Movies that taught us Love Lessons

A few good relationships lessons that Bollywood movies taught us

Bollywood continues to produce boring, same-old romantic comedy movies that don’t belong to this day and age. But then, there are some films that come once in a while and stands out as a refreshing exception and take our attention to the theatres to appreciate the heck out of it.

Now, let’s be honest about the fact that Bollywood is terrible at times on giving relationship advice as it often works on the most bizarre logic such as frivolous, much singing and dancing for no reason, there’s no realism, the usual rona-dhona, followed by cheesy dialogues.

I am not a fan of Bollywood movies but I have often seen people go crazy to look at these classic love stories for the lessons they teach. Some people tried to use some of these lessons in their real-life but guess what, it back-fired every time.

So, while writing this down, the only lesson I’d like to give to you, all is to not take these Bollywood lessons seriously in your life because you know what is good for you and what is not!

So, here are some healthy lessons you can take from romantic Bollywood movies. So far I have known only these names but I am sure there are many more so let’s get cracking:

  1. Lakshya: Known for its best relationship advice when Hrithik Roshan tells Preity Zinta, “Saare faisle tum nahi kar sakti, Romi. Hame nahi milna hai ye faisla tumne kiya tha aur ab kya hame dobara milna chahiye ya nahi, ye faisla mai karunga.  Pretty much explains everything and is applicable vice-versa.

  1. Dil Dhadakne Do: Another kickass stuff you can learn from this movie is that if you aren’t happy at all from the inside in your seemingly good relationship, it’s completely fine to walk out of it. Self-preservation should be a priority, and it’s okay to defy everyone, even your family or the whole world if something doesn’t feel right in your relationship. It is important to keep yourself first and think about yourself and your happiness because when you will be happy, then only you can keep others happy. You can be free independent rather than a slave to someone.

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Romantic Bollywood Movies

  1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara: A great story that was beautifully written to portray if you have feelings for someone, tell them because it’s not going to harm you and will be okay to act on your desire as long as both parties are consenting. Also, if things don’t work out even after your marriage is fixed, you can take a step back before it’s too late. Taking a bold decision like calling off your wedding might seem difficult at first especially when everyone knows about it but it will be a saviour call for you and your family. If you will go ahead knowing that it won’t work out and because you are too scared to do anything then you will be ruining two lives and families just because you didn’t have the balls to do it.

  1. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna:  Do you really think cheating on your partner in an unhappy relationship is not going to fix your problems?  If anything, it’ll only complicate stuff. If you are willing to cross limits to break your relationship by looking for love outside your marriage, when you’re not even in an open marriage, then just leave your partner. Have some balls and do whatever the hell you want without betraying your partner because he/she only believed in you. Being a leaver is good than becoming a cheater, isn’t it?

  1. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani:  Exactly what everyone should do what Kalki Koechlin did in this movie. Her love for Aditya Roy Kapoor was an important lesson in moving on thing. Think about it, when you’re looking to be with someone who doesn’t have feelings for you, then it’s not their fault neither is yours but it will be if you will keep on following them like a lost puppy. You need to get your shit together, move on and find someone who makes you happy because there is plenty of fishes in the sea. The fact is that heartbreak or disappointment is not the end of the world, you can always fall in love again.

  1. 2 States: Among the several issues that happen on a daily basis between couples, their long-distance relationship is the most important one and is also worth talking about. We all know LDRs (long-distance relationships) are hard, but they make it work anyway ONLY if they both want to. So, keep trying because there’s always hope.  Not all marriages happen between two equal individuals or two similar scenarios but at times, one may have to struggle more than the other and it is the other’s responsibility to support the former one’s struggle.

  1. English Vinglish: Sridevi’s character in this movie was awesome and truly inspiring that taught us not to compromise respect for any kind of love. She took care of her emotions and taught us that it is essential to take pride in whatever you decide and do, no matter how small or huge it may seem. Also, she taught us that language can never be a barrier between true friendships.  People often confuse love and respect in a relationship when it comes all together. If someone loves you, they should ideally respect you as well, it is as simple as that.

  1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: Not a major lesson thing as it is too obvious that you can certainly fall in love with your best friend. This movie along with several others like ABCD 2, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa, and more showed that how two friends realise their love for each other and that doesn’t give up on your love ‘easily’ because eventually love will find its way. Now, by don’t give up doesn’t mean that you lost yourself in this. Make sure that the other person deserves all this struggle of yours or else it will go in vain.

  1. Nishabd: Age is no bar for some couples and is just a number, which stands true when it comes to unconditional love. Movies like Lamhe, Nishabd revolve around a similar storyline where a girl falls in love with a man thrice her age. Also, there are some movies where the situation is vice-versa and have beautifully depicted love between a younger man and an older woman.

  1. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham: Money does not matter when two people, any two people fall in real love and they certainly don’t pay attention to their partner’s bank balance, size of the home, or the number of cars they have as they fall in love with the person. Movies like Raja Hindustani and Devdas have depicted this beautifully. Such movies inspire us to believe in the goodness of people and fall for the inner beauty rather than their wealth perhaps doesn’t happen much in real life for obvious reasons.

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