Romancing your relationship with couples yoga 

Trying couples yoga poses with your partner is an experience that is shared and focused more on the connection with one another rather than just yourself.


Most of us are really guilty of holding onto our stress, which actually leads to unhealthy lifestyles and patterns that often find its way into our relationships. People at times struggle to find creative ways to connect with their other half to deepen their relationship with their partner which is not possible with a surprise concert ticket or a movie and dinner. Because getting into the deeper things, like building trust and intimacy through meditation can be done by performing couples yoga which is often known as couples therapy.

So here’s the thing-

I know and I get it that yoga is an incredible form of exercise or should I say a meditation with a really long list of benefits as it has been helping everyone literally and figuratively, everyone to calm and relax the mind and body for ages. Various new benefits have been discovered as the yoga practice has been modified from time to time.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all that easy as you think to understand how to do a couple’s yoga poses with your partner properly.

So, before we suggest some good yoga poses for two love birds, first let’s explore how this shared endeavour and the love and physical connection can truly benefit you and your relationship with your partner.

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couple yoga

1. Enhance emotional support & trust: In couple’s yoga, you totally rely on your partner because you won’t be trying this alone for yourself. You both have to feel each other and will need each other more. You understand the need and wants, and the limits of your partner in some of the poses by listening to what they say and what their body says to you. It also lets you be vulnerable with one another when you try new poses, acknowledge your weaknesses, and at the same time, embrace each other’s strengths.  It teaches them how to accept each other with their differences and drawbacks and help couples strengthen their relationship spiritually, emotionally, and sentimentally.

2. Better intimacy and sex life: Multiple studies have revealed that partner yoga could help couples to increase both arousal and sexual satisfaction. There are some poses in couples’ yoga that includes gentle massage, breathing exercises, and various other poses that couples can try to build confidence, intimacy, and better sexual drive. However, partners should ensure that couples yoga isn’t sexual in nature and is a form of meditation that utilizes two people to synch their breathing, postures, and movements to help increase new levels of trust, communication, and connection.

3. Reduce stress and anxiety: It is a well-known fact that yoga reduces stress and lowers anxiety level and couples yoga, on the other hand, does the same for both partners with a special treat that is the power of your significant other’s touch.  Various studies say that couples who truly love each other hold hands to feel immediate relief from stress as the sensation of hand-holding from a lover provides a stronger neural response comparing to holding the hand of a stranger. Thus, just merely touching your partner can reduce anxiety as touch is the feeling of warmth and affection and physical touch during the shared exercises can ignite feelings of love and adoration.

4. Create opportunities to spend time together:  Today, couples are too busy to spend some quality time with each other. Therefore, the distance can create frustration and boredom in your relationship. Hence, both partners should try some shared activity or moments in which they can get together and enjoy their relationship and yoga is the healthiest thing to offer them such an opportunity. A partner will be able to handle his/her partner’s body by sharing the trust, love, and bond through these exercises moments and both of them will rely on each other.

Below mentioned are some popular couples’ yoga poses that positively helps your relationship with yourself, others, and your loved one.

1.       Back to back breathing

2.       Temple pose

3.       Boat pose

4.       Front plank

5.       Double camel

6.       Downward dog

7.       Revolved chair

8.       Backbend/forward fold

9.       Soul Gazing

10.   Tree pose

Practicing yoga brings intimacy in your relationship releases stress makes you flexible, helps you focus on mindfulness, and performing couples yoga gives you more than that just strengthening your bond simply because you do this with your partner and perhaps that is something we can say Namaste to.

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