Rohan Solomon releases a compelling confession with his song, Without a Trace

Without a Trace, a song confession of self-doubts and journey of life

Rohan Solomon, a Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Vocal Coach and Audio Engineer has now released his new song, ‘Without a trace’. He is among one of the finest indie artists, and during his time spent in his hometown New Delhi and The Big Apple, his love for pop-choruses grew along with his reputation of being a ‘conscious songwriter’. And, from there bloomed music of contemplation and confession.

Rohan, while telling about the song, without a trace said, “Without A Trace, talks about self-doubt and contemplation over one’s journey of life. What have you achieved so far, whether you’ve left a significant and positive mark on the world and so on? It addresses the state of uncertainty, unrest and confusion; when one’s moving through life without being able to spot the proverbial guiding star or being able to see that light at the end of the tunnel. The takeaway, however, is that everybody feels these emotions of uncertainty and confusion at some point in their life and these are absolutely normal feelings.  We must embrace the sentiment in order to overcome it,” says Rohan.


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Without A Trace is Rohan’s third release of the year and is a power ballad that carries Rohan’s signature feel while marking a noticeable departure from his usual fare. The pensive song begins with solo vocals and acoustic guitar, that are midway engulfed with warm and very contagious sounds of a small symphony orchestra (from New York, USA). The arrangement and composition act as a balm to the despair echoing through the lyrics, where the protagonist is wondering what his journey amounts to so far: ‘And now I stand here lost in space, watching my life leave no trace…’.

Rohan moved to New York a few years ago where he packed in some new skills as an Audio Engineer and met two of his soon to be new bandmates – By Chance. The trio of business partners decided to name themselves after their fortuitous coming together for the love of music. During his time in New York Rohan also was a part of a Grammy Award-winning track called Bubblin by Anderson Paak, in the capacity of an assistant engineer.

He released a trilogy of singles titled Blue Sky, Hard To Breathe and Time with By Chance in 2019, that received a very warm response from the audiences. Now, with his recent release, Without a Trace, which we are already loving, we expect it to be a fair deal to his audience too.

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