Robot Vera will now recruit people: HR professionals are you listening?

After Sophia now robot Vera will also give stiff competition to humans

In an astonishing hit to the human emotions, a Russian robotics startup “Stafory” have developed a live size futuristic, artificial intelligence recruiter named “Vera” which is supposed to be used for carrying out the first elimination phase of interviews.

robot Vera

Vera is continuously being trained to assess certain soft skills and personality traits of the potential candidates and eliminate from a large pool of applicants. It has already been wired with different questioning and cross-examining patterns like humans for a more sensitive and personalized job hunt.

This amazing robot said to be a historic turn in the field of modern-tech, merges the speech recognition technologies from Microsoft, Yandex, Google, and Amazon. It is being charged with billions of strings of synatx and speech from separate job listings and online job portals to expand its verbal and expression software’s vocabulary on a wider range.

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According to the founder of Stafory, Vera has been developed to unburden the HR team.  Now, their team would only be interacting with the suitable candidates.
There’s no doubt that with the introduction of AI recruiter, the burden on the HR team will reduce down to only 10%, but the real question here is what should we really hire people through an emotionless machine?

How is this robot going to analyze that human quality required in a candidate when it itself is not a human. The world is already advancing at such a rate, where robots are replacing people in jobs and now, the time has come where the hiring people are also being replaced by robots.
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