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#Opinion: We watched Riva Arora & Karan Kundra video. Here are our honest thoughts!

Riva Arora & Karan Kundra video:  12-year-old Riva Arora trolled for romancing with 38-year-old Karan Kundra, Netizens ask ‘Sharam Aani Chahiye’

Baccho ko Bachoo ki Tarah rahna chahiye’ But aajkal reh kahan reh hai?

We usually hear these words from our parents and elders around us, right? But in the era of social media, everything has changed. The so-called Gen Z is creating content for social media and has even become an influencer. Recently, Karan Kundra was brutally trolled for romancing Riva Arora who is allegedly 12 years old. Well, we also joined the bandwagon and decided to watch Karan Kundra and Riva Arora’s video and here are our honest thoughts.

For the unversed, Riva Arora is the same girl whose acting talent was lauded in URI: The Surgical Strike. At that time, she was 9-years-old.

What is Riva’s real age? Is she old enough to do such sensual roles and music videos?

Riva’s mother, Nisha Arora has broken the silence on the trolling and hatred she is receiving. She said, “I was calm, but not anymore. The allegations about my daughter’s age are completely false and it’s a saying that false news travels faster than ever and many reputed social media channels proved it. It is sad to see and disheartening for me. At least you should have cross-checked with me before uploading it on reputed pages. My daughter is an actor and working in the industry for years.”

She claimed that her daughter is not 12 years old and media is unnecessarily trolling her.

Let’s assume that she is not 12 and a bit older than that. But we have always seen her as a child artist. Therefore, Riva’s sudden and all sensual shoots came as a shocker to many.

Parents should understand how much exposure is too much exposure for their kids.

Is there no other actor who can pull off that role better than Riva and also who matches the age of male protagonists?
Many talented actresses are willing and waiting for such an opportunity. In the music video, Riva is just an eye candy who is cheating and lusted after by men.
Therefore, the age difference between the male protagonist and Riva did not add any value to the plot. This is the dark reality of the film industry, where they prefer younger female leads opposite older actors irrespective of their talents. Also, it fixes the audience at a very uncomfortable place where they are forced to watch a kid romancing an older adult.

Bachpan ruined for Bollywood career! What if they change their career path later in future?

A few years back Hansika Motwani, gained popularity from Shaka Laka Boom Boom. At the age of 15, she debuted as a female lead in the Hindi film, Aap Ka Suroor against Himesh Reshammiya. This film gained popularity not because of the storyline, or acting performance, but because of the sudden change in the actress’s appearance. She looked way more matured than her age. It was later revealed that Hansika took the aid of growth hormones treatment to look like a fully grown-up woman. We believe that something similar happened to Riva Arora, kyuki yeh 12 saal ki to kahi se NHI lagti bhai?
The concern of netizens remains is it okay to take away a child’s innocence just to make her count on the list of leading actresses?

What type of influencer you are?

Riva is allegedly 12 years old. Here, a benefit of the doubt can be given to Riva. However, she cannot escape the fact that most of her audience is a teenager. And some may be even die-hard fans of hers who likes to copy her style and may even desire to look like her. We believe there is no justification for this video? We might not know the real age of Riva but she appearing in such videos is not worth it.
Riva enjoys a huge fanbase on social media and can influence many young minds. In that case, it is important for her parents to choose projects wisely for her. At a time, when a lot of young kinds hustle between studies, tuitions and projects, Riva creating such videos will inspire them for wrong things.  We should understand in the race of attaining success, one should not forget that childhood is precious time of everyone’s life. What are your thoughts about it?
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