Rishi Kapoor reacts on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Nepotism’ Statement

Rishi Kapoor vs Rahul Gandhi

Politician VS Bollywood Tweet fight: Rishi Kapoor and Rahul Gandhi gets into a spat over “Nepotism”

The debate over nepotism has reached to another level. In fact, it has now become the talk of the nation. Well, this time politician Rahul Gandhi and Bollywood’s outspoken actor Rishi Kapoor has got into a spat over “Nepotism”.

Rishi Kapoor vs Rahul Gandhi

We all know that Rishi Kapoor is an outspoken person on social media. Speaking in the US on Tuesday, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has said many things, but it seems that Rishi Kapoor did not Rahul Gandhi’s statement on Gandhi’s dynasty at all. Rahul Gandhi has tweeted his statement on Twitter, and on it, Rishi Kapoor has expressed his anger via several tweets. Rahul Gandhi has also taken the name of Bollywood’s family in his statement related to ‘Dynasty’at which Kapoor burst into anger.

Rishi Kapoor vs Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi has given the example of the legend of film industry Amitabh Bachchan and his son, actor Abhishek while explaining “dynasty legacy,” adding: “Don’t go just after me.”

Here’s what he actually said, “Dynastic politics is a problem in all political parties. Akhilesh (Yadav son of Mulayam Singh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party), (MK) Stalin (son of M Karunanidhi in DMK), Abhishek Bachchan – are all examples of dynastic legacy, also (Mukesh and Anil) Ambani (son of Dhirubhai Ambani), that’s how the entire country is running and India runs this way.”

Rishi Kapoor said in his separated tweets, ‘Rahul Gandhi in the 106-year history of Indian cinema, Kapoor has contributed for 90years and every generation has been selected by the people on the basis of their talent. With the grace of God Kapoor’s family, you all are seeing something else except this all. He wrote, “You have to respect the people due to your work and hard work, not by the force and foul play.”

Few Tweets of Rishi Kapoor, take a look :

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