Meet Rishaad Chaudhary Whose Songs Are reflection Of His Life

How a school-going boy Rishaad Chaudhary discovered his passion for music.

Today, plenty of career options surround us and sometimes it can be very confusing what to choose and what will the opportunity cost. However, there are some young talents who have discovered their niche and are heading towards realizing their dreams. Therefore, we engage in an exclusive chat with Rishaad Chaudhary who already owns a few singles at the age of 20.

Let us know how a school-going boy discovered his passion for music.

When lockdown helped to discover talent

Rishaad Chaudhary developed an interest in music gradually over a period. He was always interested in music and playing my guitar. However, the period of lockdown helped a lot in finding his passion. “My major inspiration arose sitting at home during the pandemic. I was tired of the monotony and the anxiousness that came with the lockdown.

I began listening to beats by producers, creating my tunes on the guitar, and writing lyrics. These lyrics and melodies eventually came together and I found in front of myself an entire song. This is when I knew that music is my true passion and I wanted to pursue it as a career. Last year, I came up with a few beats and approached a few producers to help me out. Therefore, I contacted the producer of Mishaal. That is how we came up with this song,” said the young singer.

Talking about his album Rishaad Chaudhary further added, “My friends always encouraged me to release my compositions but I was always hesitant. Therefore, ‘Give You all’ was one song I thought, If released at the end of the year (2020), would give a call to positivity amid the Covid pandemic. In addition, thankfully, people loved that song and listened to it at parties as well. The response that my first single received was unexpected in the best way possible. Then came the next two.”

Rishaad has taken professional training in Western vocal music and guitar at the One World College of Music, Gurgaon. He also sat for the Trinity College of London music exams and was part of the college choir at La Martiniere College, Lucknow.

However, he did not like to restrict himself to a single genre and delve into a more diverse approach to making music. He follows Indian folk music, R&B pop and has a special love for hip-hop as it resonates with the current generation too. 

Although it is difficult for Rishaad to pick any favourites, he really enjoys and draws inspiration from artists such as Juice Wrld, The Kid LAROI, Drake, Powfu, and Anson Seabra among others. When it comes to Indian music, Prateek Kuhad and Anuv Jain are some artists he looks up to.

All the artists mentioned above are up and coming names who have revolutionized the music industry/genre they specialize in.

Change in the music industry

This topic is very debatable in India and most of them feel that industry needs fresh air. As per Rishaad Chaudhary, in these times, artists who are already successful are given the most attention. However, he feels it is important for the growth of the music industry that all kinds of artists should be given equal support and opportunities for them to truly flourish. Art is constant and without the appreciation of all, such artists who are unknown, neither the industry nor the individual artists can reach their maximum potential.

Our works are a reflection of our talent and experience. It goes with Rishaad too. His life experiences revolving around love, friendship, heartbreak, hardships, and happy memories were conjured up in the form of a song. He believes it is truly amazing and thus wishes to pursue music as a career.

The sadness behind the ‘Sad Reel’

His latest release, Sad Reel is a heartfelt description of a troublesome life, which keeps oscillating between varieties of things he has gone through. “It goes on to capture the pain I felt on realizing the love I was receiving was fake and the fear of failure in music, which has made me anxious, something highlighted through my voice in the song. I hope for this song to be a medium through which I can express all the aforementioned,” said Chaudhary.

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Auto-tuning are an individual’s creation and should not be looked down upon- Rishaad Chaudhary

Some people criticize the use of auto-tuning, however, Rishaad Chaudhary, has a different opinion on this technology. He believes that Auto tuning is an art on its own and a form of music, which does not need to be necessarily criticized. It has recently become popular and comes from an artist’s creativity and thought process. The flow, melody, and production of auto-tuning are an individual’s creation and hence should not be looked down upon.

Multiple artists use autotune in these times and if it allows a song to sound better and more creative, there is no harm in using it. Someone who has used auto-tune may not be called a vocalist but an artist since autotuning does take creativity and talent.

Check out Rishaad Chaudhary latest release on his channel.

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