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Ways in which you can get over your break up

A breakup is like the part of yourself, you were sharing with your partner, is now stolen by your partner, and you are not worried about the fact that that part has been stolen but you can of the fact that why did the partner steal it? Well, breakups can be just as metaphoric as written above. A part of you is taken away, and we wonder how are you going to survive without that part of you. A bad breakup can be really saddening and harsh on you but it is you who will have to tighten your self and manage to regrow the lost part of yourself, so as to grow and get over your break up.


Here are a few things that you can do so as to get over your breakup


Don’t think and question self-worth

Once, your relationship doesn’t work out, you might start questioning yourself, what went wrong. If your partner initiated the break up then, there are strong chances that you will end up being in a spell of self-doubt. Many people, in an effort to find out reasons for the breakup, start to point out the flaws in themselves, including their body, appearance, and behaviour. Well, the reasons for which your partner chooses to not stay together should not be the reason why you should not be respecting yourself, loving yourself. So, don’t enter a spell where you get into questioning your self.


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Don’t rush into another relationship just so as to get over the previous one

Well, for many, getting into another relationship turns into validation for them, but honestly, it is not going to help in any way for a long time. Running into another relationship is like being in a broken state and unprocessed trauma, and allowing some other person to share the broken you. This is neither good for you nor the new partner and you might end up being more guilty for not being at your best with your new one.


Write all the negatives about the partner

Well, this can be a bit painful at first as you might start walking down memory lane, but eventually, you will pinpoint all the negatives about the partner. You might even be able to figure out what all was not going right. This will help you with not idealizing the partner and the relationship too. Go back to the list whenever you feel low and get your relapse of the relationship.


Go for a social media detox

Well, this might sound like something not very relative to the relationship but it is really good for your mental peace. And of course, if you are following your ex, your Instagram, or social media, your hands will eventually go on stalking your ex. So, just make peace with yourself and do an absolute social media detox.


Don’t look for a closure

There might be chances that you didn’t happen to have closure and this particular thing takes you to questions, like what happened and why did it happen. Well, the person who has to go will go. You can’t really deal with it. Stop hunting for a closure. Just try to keep yourself grounded.

Well, these are a few things that you can do to get over your break up. Don’t let it consume you, don’t let it question your worth. The one who is gone is gone, look for the brighter side, the future.


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