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5 Reasons Why Richa Anirudh is an inspiration for women like us?

Richa Anirudh, a woman with contagious positivity has inspired many lives, take a look at what all we should learn from her

Journalism in India these days is facing a tough time. Be it authenticity or credibility everything is under questions.  But still, it is a field which attracts thousands of students every year. There are so many students who aspire to become a Journalist.  In that case, it is important to set your role model right. With so much content overflowing and a numerous number of news websites, it has become difficult to stand out.  As a result, a lot of people end up being a part of the rat race.

They never explore new ideas and hesitate to go out of their paradigm. But the good news is – there are people who made bold choices and have set an example in the media industry.  They took the risk even after realising what repercussions it can have, and one of them is Richa Anirudh.

Richa Anirudh,  the woman who touched lives!

The moment we take her name, the only thing that comes to our mind is Zindagi Live. The show was a huge success and it touched many lives.  Born on 31st May 1975, Richa proved if you have an idea and you believe in it, nothing can stop you.  She was brought up in Jhansi and she believes to do maximum with the existing resources. She is an inspiration indeed but here are 5 reasons why Richa Anirudh is an inspiration for young women like us. A woman with contagious positivity and beautiful voice has broken the glass ceiling. Let’s take a look at what we all should learn from her:

1. Believe in Dreams and Dare to Dream: There is no harm in dreaming Big. “Sapne Dekhoge nhi toh pura kaise karoge.”  Be it in her interviews or motivational speeches she persuades people to dream big. Dreams are the first step towards success.

2. Take Risks and do what you want to do, not what you should do: The biggest life lesson that she gave. We all have societal expectations and are supposed to do certain things, but we should only do things that we want to do.

3. When People say ‘Yeh Nhi Hoga’ show them Hoga: When she did Zindagi Live people weren’t sure of her. A lot of critics told her this wouldn’t work. But she did it with all zeal and passion. As a result, we still talk about it. Amazing, right?

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4. If you can impact at least one Life through your work, you have aced the game: Monetary satisfaction and success come later. The only thing that matters is your Inner Happiness. If you are happy about your work and can impact at least one life, you have aced the game.

5. Take Risk: She said no to big offers from established channels and took up a job in channel 7. After that, she went on to quit as a TV Anchor and went on to do Radio. Risks are important.

Thank-you Note!

Thank you, Richa Anirudh for inspiring young women like us and making an impact on society. You have proved no matter from where you come, what resources you had, but if you have zeal and passion, the world is yours!

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