Rewind 2020: Instances of police brutality that could have been avoided

Instances of police brutality which dilutes the amazing effort of police personnel during the lockdown


The year 2020 was challenging for everyone as we were under lockdown for more than 6 months due to the lockdown. Police had an important role to play to ensure that we all were following the lockdown rules. We must appreciate the efforts of police personnel who battled the coronavirus amid the fear of contracting COVID-19. But we also saw some gruesome police brutality in the year 2020 diluting all the great work done by the police during the COVID-19 lockdown. Here are some instances of police brutality that could have been avoided.


1. Jeyaraj and Bennicks were tortured to death in Tamil Nadu

Jeyaraj and his son Bennicks were tortured in the police custody and beaten to death by the Tamil Nadu police in June. The father-son duo were arrested during the lockdown in Tamil Nadu, in the district of Thoothukudi on 19th June 2020. The local police alleged that Jeyaraj and his son had kept their store open past curfew.  Both men were taken into custody overnight where they were tortured whole night. Both the men died two days later.



2. On April 16, Mohammed Rizwan passed away in a UP hospital after a brutal police beating. 

Mohammad Rizwan, 19, a resident of Chhajjapur, UP, passed away in the hospital after police beat them brutally. As per the reports, Rizwan had gone out to the home to buy biscuits during the lockdown, when police beat him with lathis and rifle butts. He reached home battered and tried home remedies to ease pain and cure injury. However, it was not enough and he had to be admitted to the hospital, where he passed away.


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3.  Delhi cop tipping over vegetable carts. 


A day after the lockdown was announced in the country, a Delhi cop dressed in civil clothes was seen tipping over vegetable carts in a viral video. The man in the video had a lathi was seen tipping over thelas. An investigation revealed that the man was a police constable named Rajbir, who was harassing vegetable sellers for violating lockdown rules.



4. Madhya Pradesh Police allegedly beat an Adivasi man to death

As per the reports, Tibu Meda, a resident of Khargone, Madhya Pradesh and his son-in-law was allegedly beaten by the police for violating lockdown rules. His son-in-law, Sanjay, who claimed to be present at the incident said that he escaped with injuries below his waist but his father-in-law was reportedly chased and brutally beaten by the police, leading to his death.


5. A 28-year-old man died allegedly after being beaten by Andhra Pradesh. 

A 28-year-old person died allegedly after he was beaten by the Andhra Pradesh police for coming out of ‘non-emergency’ work during the lockdown. The report says that he was returning home after reportedly purchasing medicines around 8:40 am when police stopped him and beat him. Ghouse, a heart patient collapsed after the beating. He was declared when he was taken to a private hospital. However, the police denied the accusation of beating and said that the man had a chronic disease.

Have a look at some of the tweets to know how police harassed people this year.


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