Review: Desi Kattey

Review: Desi Kattey

Rating – (**.* 2 ½ stars)

What happens when you watch a film and the next scene comes exactly as you expect it to be? Is it enjoyable or is just the same old story in a new bottle? Of course the movie has the same redundant story. Desi Kattey, a story of two boys who are tangled in a world of crime and have dreams to rule the underworld, suddenly get separated.

The star-cast includes Jay Bhanushali and Akhil Kapur as Gyani and Pali respectively, Sunil Shetty as Major Suryakant Rathore and Ashutosh Rana as the politician. There is no doubt that the acting performances by the veterans like Sunil Shetty and Ashutosh Rana are very natural. Akhil Kapur, who has made a debut with this movie, seemed to be a fresh non-trained artist who needs to learn a lot more to impress the viewers. Most of the time his facial expressions, eye contact and dialogue delivery will really disappoint you. Jay Bhanushali, who has worked as a TV actor in many daily soaps tried really hard in this film. Looking at the female side of the cast, Sasha Agha who has played the role of Paridhi Rathore, the sister of Major Suryakant Rathore, worked well. The other lead actress Tia Bajpai, playing Guddi, has a very small role in this film. It is not very comic but actually sometimes her dialogue delivery could make you think twice, that you are watching a devotional film instead of an action one.

Coming to the script, it is very clear that you will find no new element in the story of Desi Kattey. The viewer can easily tell what is going to happen next in the story. Two little boys become men in a world full of guns and pistols. Both have the same dream but suddenly they see that they are going on separate paths in life. One goes for good and the other goes for bad. On the other hand, Guddi is shown to be exactly as she was in her childhood.

The music score by Kailash Kher is good and the background music also goes good with the screenplay.

After watching this movie, I am able to offer only 2.5 stars to this film, although the acting of Sunil Shetty and Ashutosh Rana make it well worth a watch.

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