Study has revealed that there is no connection between Hunger and calorie intake

No connection between Appetite and Calorie intake

No connection between Appetite and Calorie intake:- According to a new study, there is no connection between how hungry one is and how much calorie one consumes.

Scientists from University of Sheffield conducted a research, which has proved that the appetite- modifying foods available in the market actually have nothing to do with the calorie intake.

In the study, it is highlighted how many products are advertised claiming to help in losing weight by satisfying your appetite and keeping you full-up for a longer time but nonetheless, leads to consumption of large amount of calories later on.

University’s Department of Oncology and Metabolism researchers analysed 462 scientific studies and discovered that appetite score failed to agree with the amount of energy consumed, the number of calories intake.

Bernard Corfe, the study leader said, “The food industry is littered with products which are marketed on the basis of their appetite-modifying properties. Whilst these claims may be true, they shouldn’t be extended to imply that energy intake will be reduced as a result.”

No connection between Appetite and Calorie intake
No link between appetite and calorie intake

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Bernard gave an example, which suggests that one could eat a meal which claims to satisfy his/her appetite and keep one feeling full-up for a long period of time but however, go on to consume a large amount of calories later on.

Out of the number of studies undertaken, only six percent suggested the direct link between appetite and energy intake whereas only half of them could prove the association between the two.

Team also suggested further research on others factors determining food consumption including social factors, sensorial environment, our innate physical regulation of intake and entrained behaviour relating to food timing.

Corfe also suggested that more research needs to be done into the other aspects which do effect our calorie intake and it is important to understand how we need to work in partnership with the food industry to develop improved tests for foods that are sincerely and effectively able to satisfy appetite and how obesity occurs, how to prevent it.

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