Rethink over Triple Talaq issue: MES Seminar

Rethink on the nuances over the ‘Triple Talaq’ issue

Rethink on the nuances over the ‘Triple Talaq’ issue:- While making a strong stand against the move for a uniform civil code, the speakers at a Muslim Educational Society’s (MES) seminar on ‘The uniform civil code and unity in diversity’ has agreed that there is a need for a rethink on the nuances over the ‘Triple Talaq’ issue.

P.A. Fasal Gafoor, the MES State president has said that executive interference in some of the religious customs was uncalled for and was impractical in the light of the sheer diversity of cultures that have prevailed in the country.

Rethink on the nuances over the ‘Triple Talaq’ issue
Triple Talaq Issue

Regarding any further concern about the Islamic practice of triple talaq, P.A. Fasal Gafoor has said that it was a gender-just procedure, when followed in a systematic manner. While these variations of the procedure may cause further injustice to the divorced women, a uniform civil code was not the solution for the issue, he said.

When it came to other aspects of the uniform civil code, such as inheritance and also adoption laws, Islam had a more modern approach than that of other religions, he said.

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Jameela Begum, former president of MES women’s wing have said that while triple talaq was not considered as a pertinent issue among the Muslim elite in Kerala, it was very much an issue among poor Muslims in States such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, as well as the less privileged Muslims in Kerala, where talaq over SMS and WhatsApp was not uncommon.

Rethink on the nuances over the ‘Triple Talaq’ issue
Muslim Women

Putting up with abuse

Muslim women from these sections live in some sort of constant fear of being divorced without any prior notice, and even put up with domestic abuse due to the challenges, financial and also otherwise, that they may have to face if divorced.

In this light, she has said that although the move for a uniform civil code may be a result of political motives, it should be viewed as an opportunity for the Muslim community in order to rethink their customs and ensure gender justice for women of all classes.

She called for a Mahal level survey of triple talaqs to be undertaken in the State, so that a clear picture of divorce among Muslims could be obtained.

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