Resurrection of the Congress in DUSU Elections: Let’s look at the bigger picture

With DUSU elections result and Rahul Gandhi’s bold speech at Berkeley University, is Congress finally awakening from its slumber?

This week has been full of surprises, Rahul Gandhi finally speaks out in open about his views on the current government followed by the victory of Congress backed NSUI in the DUSU elections for the posts of President and Vice President, the much- awaited triumph for the opposition. Rahul Gandhi also dropped a slight hint about how he’s “absolutely ready” for an executive responsibility in the party. So, Is Congress finally ready to shed off its old image?

Rahul Gandhi at Berkeley

Denying himself to be a reluctant politician, Rahul Gandhi questioned his image which is portrayed on social media, recollecting how it’s a BJP Machine with “a thousand guys” sitting on computers spreading rumors about him and hurling abuses at him and the brain child is a certain “gentleman who is running our country”. He finally broke his silence on dynastic politics and averred that “dynasties” have always been a part of the Indian system and stated how everyone ranging from Akhilesh Yadav to Abhishek Bachchan is a part of the same.

Recounting the pre-election interview where he fumbled on being encountered about the 1984 elections, this time RaGa was more prepared after having done his homework well. Stretching on the fact how he feels about the families of people who lost their lives in the 1984 riots, he even went on and claimed how he’s “with them in the quest for justice”.

Gandhi was pretty much vocal about his views about the current government and “my Prime Minister” while referring to Narendra Modi.Commending him for his initiatives like Swachh Bharat and Make in India, he pointed out how there is a loophole in the orientation in of Make in India Programme and how he would have fixed it by focusing on small and medium enterprises instead of the big corporates. He also did not shy away from attacking the government about the environment of hatred, anger, and violence and how hatred distracted people from the task at hand.

Congress leaders welcomed the speech with much enthusiasm and gave the entire credit of DUSU Election victory to Rahul Gandhi’s Berkley’s speech. Deepender Hooda, leader of the INC said, “Had won 3 seats but the recounting of votes shows ABVP’s unconstitutional face. Will go to judiciary.” The BJP had been under the scanner regarding rigging in elections during Gujarat assembly elections too.

Though the Congress Party has finally broken the silence, it still needs to work on the ground realities and break free of the “sultanate” image which it continues to carry. Its high time Rahul Gandhi took things into his own hands and incase of his inability to do so, he should step aside and free the path for the deserving ministers who still wish to revive the old Congress before it’s too late.

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