Resume writing etiquette: 8 Things that recruiters do not want to see on your resume

Warning! Don’t make these mistakes on your resume

Resume is a very important part of everyone’s life. Resume is not a mere sheet of paper but let us remind you, this piece of a paper consists of your lifetime achievements. Recruiters have to get through hundreds of resumes in a short time. Research suggests that the average hiring manager takes less than one minute to select a resume. Larger companies use applicant tracking software now- a -days to make the initial selection and they do that in a split second!

Always, remember recruiters always run short of time so avoid making these mistakes whole preparing your resume.

1. They do not want to see your life history

A lot of resumes are full of irrelevant information. Recruiters never like to study your life history. Always, remember recruiters want to see what is relevant to them. If you will brag about your past experience which is not even relevant for position you are applying, it will leave a bad impression.

2. They do not want to see untidy resume

Overwriting resumes are always considered useless. This is a major problem for recruiters because they cannot find the information they want quickly. The best approach is to be as clear and concise as possible. Avoid doing mistakes. Just mention your name, present position and then relevant experience by mentioning the posts you have held. Use bullet points to make your resume comprehensive.

3. They do not want to see your photo

Generally, the photo on the resume is not required. Also, the hiring manager does not want to be influenced by gender issues. Girls always remember they will never get impressed by your beauty. So it’s better to flaunt your brain. The best thing to do is to make sure that your page does actually have your photograph!

4.They do not want to see fancy fonts or creative formats.

Make it as simple as you can. Always keep this in your mind that many tracking systems strip out all the fancy stuff and the actual viewing format a manager sees is in plain text. This means that, in many cases, your creative talents will go unnoticed and are a waste of time. If the manager is actually reading the hard copy or attachment, then creative formats may be a distraction and a hindrance. The solution is to keep it simple, clear and concise.

5. They do not want to see resumes written in the first person.

Do not use first person in your resume. The recruiter knows that you are applying for the vacant position. So avoid using the letter ‘I’.

6. They do not want to see your duties listed.

Always remember do not mention lot of duties on the resume. All the day to day stuff you do is not necessary and nobody wants to know, least of all the hiring manager. They just assume you know how to do these! Instead, focus on results you have achieved, how you increased revenues, cut costs or how you played a key role in improving productivity.

7. They do not want to see lies or exaggerated claims.

Already stop lying while preparing the resume. The hiring manager wants the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Some applicants think that a lie here or there is not going to matter one way or the other. Always stick to the truth.

8. They do not want to see your work email address.

Hiring managers do not want to contact you at your present workplace, for obvious reasons. It is also safer and more confidential for you. Always leave a personal email address which has your real name, rather than your ‘cute’ email address.

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