7 Resume Mistakes that are a big turn off for employers

7 Resume Mistakes that can spoil the game

You have applied for a job at several places and still waiting for an interview call. Thousands of people apply for a post and it is a resume that decides which applicants will be called. The competition level is really high today. People are talented, they have the right skills, and most of us are simply wow at their work. But what makes a difference when it comes to getting your dream job. Not only skills but also need to keep your resume game right? Here are 7 resume mistakes that you should avoid as it can be a big turn off for employers.

1. Grammatical Errors and Typos

Your resume needs to be grammatically correct. If there are typos or grammatical mistakes in your resume then your employer might think that “This person can’t write or this person obviously doesn’t care”.

2. Using an unprofessional email address

Professional email address is really important.,  If your email has yo, cool, king, queen, patakha or any words similar to this, you need to change your email address right now. Unprofessional emails leave bad impressions.

4. Incorrect or missing contact information

If your resume doesn’t have contact information, you actually don’t deserve to get shortlisted. Also, make sure that you put the right contact information in your resume

5. Failure to demonstrate and quantify the results

The employer wants to see the results you have achieved in your previous positions, as it speaks about the potential you have, to do well in the role they are trying to fill. Results are often described as quantifiable results.

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5. Keeping the Resume too general and not customizing it to match the job listing

We are not asking you to do a full overhaul of every job application you send,  but it is vital to tweak your resume according to the job opening. An experienced employer will be able to tell if you’re using a cookie-cutter resume or not.

7. Repetitive words or phrases used in multiple job descriptions

Reading the same words and phrases on a resume makes it redundant. The recruiter might think that you didn’t care enough to put the effort into using a variation of action-oriented words. So don’t put repetitive words or phrases.

8. Including outdated or irrelevant information

If you don’t want your resume to go in the trash, don’t put outdated and irrelevant information in it. It would be better not to put marital status, hobbies or age. These types of information say that you aren’t up to speed with present resume-writing standards.

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