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5 times when humans went out of the way to help animals and restore faith in humanity

The third incident will let you believe that humanity is what makes us special and different

This universe is as much Animal’s as ours and they are an extremely integral part of our ecosystem. Still, we encounter many cases of animal brutality and animal cruelty on a daily basis.  But that’s not all, there are many of us who love animals no matter which species they are. Today we will look at 5 times when humans went out of the way to help animals and restore faith in humanity.

1. A man promised to never let go of his dog because he signed up for it.

restore faith in humanity

Austin Conway gave an important message about the love he shared with his dog. He wrote that he was having troubles with his German Shephard-mix dog. He didn’t ask anyone else to adopt his dog but instead said that he will never abandon his dog because he signed up for it.

2. A man carried an elephant on his shoulders to reunite him with his mother

A forest ranger in Ooty, Tamil Nadu rescued a baby elephant by carrying him on shoulders to reunite him with his mother. The baby elephant fell down and got stuck in a canal. At first, rangers tried to push the baby elephant out of the canal but after making many failed efforts, one of those rangers carried the baby elephant on shoulders to safety with his mother.

3. A woman Kerala refused to leave her 25 dogs behind when she was rescued from the floods

 People who love pets, they consider them family. Would you let your family behind at a time of natural disaster? This is what this Kerala woman did while being rescued from the floods. She sent the volunteers and workers to rescue the dogs because she couldn’t leave her family behind.

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4. This elderly man gave water to a thirsty dog by cupping it in his bare hands

An elderly man gave water to a thirsty dog by cupping it his bare hands. The video was posted on Twitter by a user which caption read “You have not lived ur day, until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. Be compassionate in what you today”.  These are the people who make us believe that the world is a kind place.

5. When the Internet found a home for this unique Husky

The owner of the rescue house sheltering the dog once posted about the adoption of a unique husky, who had a birth defect which made her eyes look a little different than usual Husky. The Internet came together and made that post viral so that she could get a loving and forever home.

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