Research establishes link between fats and heart disease

Research establishes link between fats and heart disease

American Heart Association has recently conducted research into the link between kind of fats consumed, and heart disease. In this context, a study was conducted, collating information and data from 186 countries about diets, available foods, and other relevant information.


According to them, more than a million lives can be saved annually by choosing the kinds and quantities of fats one eats. Fats play a vital role in the physical and psychological well being of people, influencing communication between cells, our inflammatory response, and our mood.

The researchers found that moderate consumption of poly-unsaturated fats, balances blood cholesterol levels, lowers type 2 diabetes risk, and reduces risk of strokes and heart ailments.

These fats are primarily of plant origin, being found in soy beans, sunflower, etc.

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