Republic Day 2019: Changing DP is not patriotism!

Parul Srivastava

Republic Day 2019: Patriotism is an emotion

Republic Day 2019 is around the corner. The preparations for the same are in full swing. India will be celebrating its 70th Republic Day this year. On this day, India had adopted its constitution.  Cyril Ramaphosa, the fifth and current President of South Africa will be the chief guest of Republic Day 2019. The Republic Day celebrations this year will be very special as it will also mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and a year-long celebration will get start from Republic Day by paying tribute to him.

Patriotism is an emotion

Well, we all celebrate Republic Day every year. For most us its just like another Chutti. In today’s era, we are now just limited few messages and tricolor DPS, isn’t? It’s a day off and we often chill at home. For us Republic Day simply means exchanging some patriotic messages, changing our DPs and eating sweets. What do you think all this is enough to show our patriotism? Wearing saffron or green color is enough? No, it’s not. Patriotism has a deeper meaning to it.  You need to first stop treating Republic Day like an ordinary chutti ( holiday). It is a historic day and as the citizens of India, we need to understand its significance.  Patriotism means love for the country and there are so many others ways to show your love.

Different ways to show your love towards your Nation

1. Treat your fellow citizens with respect

Being a responsible citizen you should always treat your fellow citizens with respect. This will make India a better place to live.

2. Pay your taxes on time

Why can’t you pay your taxes on time?  Taxes will go in the welfare of the country, right? So, pay your taxes. This is another way to show your patriotism

3. Keep your city clean

Our soldiers sacrifice their lives to make us all feel safe. They can die for their motherland and you cannot even keep your surroundings clean?

4. Use your rights

We are a democratic country and we all can access our fundamental rights. Use all your rights. During elections do not forget to go out and vote.

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5. Impart Knowledge

If you have knowledge impart it to others. Education is everybody’s life and if you educate even one child it would be a welcome change. Literate someone.

6. Donate Blood

A lot of people in India die due to the scarcity of blood. If you a true country lover, then this also a way to show your love. Donate blood and save someone’s life.

7. Say no to discrimination

Don’t discriminate people on the basis of their gender, caste, and creed.  Everyone is equal.

8. Respect women / Treat them equal

We are a free country and women are an important part of society. Being patriotic it is your duty to treat your mother, sister, wife or coworker with respect.


Its okay if you don’t believe in sharing some patriotic messages on Republic day. You need not to change your Dp to prove your patriotism. If you are doing anything which is for the welfare of our country, then you are truly patriotic. This Republic Day, take a pledge that you will not treat Republic Day just like an ordinary chutti. Last and the most important our soldiers should not be remembered for just one or two days. They are the real heroes, and we should regularly address their incredible contribution to our lives.

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