Remove Mole Naturally!


Also called melanocytic nevus, moles are a collection of melanin, a pigment responsible for imparting the color to the skin.


Moles are skin outgrowths that can be black or brown in color and can appear anywhere on the skin.


Remove Moles Naturally

Here are listed some simple non-surgical ways to get rid of mole.

=> Garlic is blessed with wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. Take a garlic clove and grind well. Mix a drop of water and apply the paste on the mole and cover it with a bandage and leave it for a day. Mole will be history the next morning!


Remove Mole Naturally!
=> Daily application of Vaseline on the mole is an effective remedy for mole removal.
The herbal solution of flax seed oil and raw honey is also useful in getting rid of moles. Apply the solution daily with the help of a cotton ball on the affected region and it will soon fade away.
=> Delicious pineapple is not only wonderful as a fruit but also effective in eliminating mole quickly and easily.

=> Have you heard of fig stem being sued for mole treatment?     Scientists believe that fig stems contain some naturally available ingredients that can remove mole naturally and effectively.


Apply the extract of the fig stems and apply with a cotton ball over the affected area. Leave for an overnight and repeat it till the mole fades away.




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