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Reliable Land Rovers!

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Land Rover belongs to the prestigious British automobile manufacturer with specialization in four wheel vehicles.


The headquarters of the coveted company are located at Whitley, Coventry and since 2008 are owned by Indian Tata Motors.


Besides Jeep, Land Rover is the second oldest car with four-wheel drive in the brand.


Originally Land Rover was used by the Rover Company for their specific model, launched in 1948.


Reliable Land Rovers



During its long journey, the car has evolved into new models having-four-wheel drive variants such as Marquee, Discovery, Defender, Freeelander, Rover, Range, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport and Land Rovers.


In 2009, the company (Land Rover) sold around 194,000 vehicles. Currently the prestigious Land Rover is assembled at Solihull and Halewood plants.


Though the brand Land Rover originated in 1948, but the company existed since 1978. Earlier the Rover Company was known as Rover-Triumph division of the British Leyland Motor Corporation (BL) and later Leyland Motor Corporation was overtaken by Rover in 1967.


In the year 1994, BMW was acquired by the Rover Group and in 2000 Rover Group was divided by BMW followed by selling of Land Rover to Ford Motor Company and became a part of Premier Automotive Group.


Ford purchased Rover brand from BMW in 2006 and reunited Land Rover and Rover brands.


Tata Motors purchased both Land Rovers and Rovers in 2008 from Ford.


With its debut in 1948, Land Rover is widely known for its simplicity and unmatched strength and amazing durability.


The vehicle has proved its mettle in some of the most trying and extreme conditions and uncongenial place on earth.


Since its origin around 60 years back Land Rovers is still going on and on!




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