What kind of relationship you should have with your co-workers?

5 types of relationship we should keep with our co-workers

Building or managing coworker relationships involve walking the tightrope between friendly and not-so-friendly. The building or managing a good coworker relationship is clearly an uphill task in such a scenario. It requires patience and time like every other relationship. It also involves self-analysis and awareness on your part and an understanding of the dynamics of politics and power in organizations.

There are two types of work relationships – professional and personal. Professional relationships are solely for the purpose of getting your work done. They help you grow in your career and this relationship won’t exist if you don’t work anywhere. Personal relationships are kept for social reasons that improve workplace satisfaction. Amid all these, we are here to tell you 5 types of work relationships you should have with your co-workers.

1. Co-worker

Co-worker relationships are neither professional not personal, but just circumstantial.  These people are your colleagues, but beyond working for the same organization, you have very little interaction with them.

2. Team-Member

Team-members are fellow employees who work on the same team as yours. They could be the people you work with on a daily basis. You joined this group to work together for a single activity.

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3. Work- Friends

Work-Friends are people who you sit by them in meetings, who you interact with socially at work, go to lunch together, talk to them at happy hours and at work events, and possibly even see them outside of work every now and then.

4. Reporting manager/Direct Report

Your manager or reporting manager is the one who assigns you work, helping you succeed and ultimately impacting the work you do. Direct Reports are the ones who report to you. You should try to have a professional relationship with them as they are the people who determine you will succeed in your life or not.

5. Life Friends

The most intimate work relationship you can have is one that you don’t even consider specific to work-that of a friend in real life. These people are your friend even if you no longer work for that company.

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