Relationship Status: Coffee is my significant other

Committed Relationship with Coffee

Committed Relationship with Coffee:- Does your face light up when Barista calls out your name? Do you feel restless and lose all your concentration when coffee is around, then probably you are in a serious relationship with coffee.

Well, there is nothing to fear about it because half of the population of world is in a committed relationship with coffee. Coffee lovers can never forget the glorious moment, when they first tasted coffee. When the tempting aroma lured them into the coffee shop and rest is the history.

Here are few signs that will prove that you are in a serious relationship with coffee. And it’s time to make it public:

Committed Relationship with Coffee
The Tempting Aroma of Coffee
  • It’s the first thing that comes on your mind, when you wake up in the morning
  • You actually get a headache when you don’t spend time with it
  • Weather doesn’t matter to you, it’s always coffee weather for you
  • Just like love comes in all sizes, you accept coffee it any way, shape or form it comes in
  • You might get into a flirtatious relationship with candies and chocolates, but coffee still remains your first and the only love

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Committed Relationship with Coffee
Coffee Love

A coffee lover can only understand the seriousness of love with coffee. Emotionally speaking its only coffee, who can understand us physically and mentally. It is the cure for any bad day and a day when we don’t have coffee is a bad one.

So if you are also addicted to its presence and you do not function properly, when you don’t get it, then my friend it’s time to change your relationship status because you are in a committed relationship with coffee.

More than half of us run on coffee. So its okay, go ahead and enjoy your relationship with it.

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