“Dooriyaan bhi hai Jaroori”: Relationship at the time of lockdown

Relationship and quarantine – How to spice up things during lockdown?

We all are adjusting to our new routines amid the 21-day lockdown all over India due to coronavirus outbreak. While we should be responsible to uphold the social distancing, newbie couples who are not staying together should know how to handle the quarantine time. So, you might have to shift from in-person to online relationship for a few days.

When you are new in a relationship you don’t know much about your partners, you just want to spend more time with them to know them. But, because the world is practising social distancing, you aren’t able to meet your guy/girl. Nobody wants their new relationship to fade away because of the unstoppable distance. Today, we are here with 5 pro tips to keep the pace of relationship going while practising social distancing.

1. Communicate with each other

I am sure you people have plenty of time, so utilize this time to communicate with each other. No, don’t do those “Mere Shona Babu ne Khana Khaya” type talks, indulge in some mutually interesting topics, like “Did you watch the second season of Netflix’s You”. Be honest in your talks, and strike a good communication balance by not under-doing or over-doing it. If voice call and texting aren’t enough, go for video calls.

2. Be Patient

You guys are going to depend a lot upon the Internet Service Providers. WiFi at many places suck. So, there would be situations when you’ll have to hang up, call back, hang up, call back again, get a missed call and deal with a poor connection. That will be frustrating times and it will test your patience, so take deep breaths at these times deal with the situation politely.

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3. Pay Attention

We know multi-tasking is great and you should be a pro at it, but while you are skyping to your partner don’t multi-task. You might end up hearing nothing after a 2 minutes monologue and you will say – Sorry What! So, dedicate your time and attention to your partner while you are talking to them. Trust us, it is frustrating and irritating when your partner doesn’t listen to you while you are talking to them.

4. Set up boundaries

You need to know what type of conversation you are comfortable with. There are certain stages in a relationship, one is – when you both are okay talking about ‘taking a leak’ stuff, other is – you are still doing your hair and makeup before talking to your partner. Communicate with each other what aspects of your partner’s life you want to witness (brushing teeth) and what you don’t (farting) because there will be a lot of talking.

5. Keep the date night alive

If you guys used to go out on weekends or any specific day, you should keep it going, even if it’s through a screen. Celebrate the occasions like Birthdays or anniversaries by dressing up for the occasion and setting up candles. Food delivery services are still running, so send the favourite dish of your partner from their favourite place to their home.

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