Don’t Be a Chin2, Reduce Your Double Chin with These Yoga Asanas

Here are some powerful stretches with proper diets to reduce your double chin.


What is a double chin?

Some powerful stretches

Diet to be followed

Reduce your double chin: A double chin is a fat accumulation that is very difficult to get rid of. A double chin might seem difficult to lose, but these powerful facial exercises will target it directly on it. These exercises will give intense massage and will promote skin firmness and will reduce your double chin.

What is a double chin?

We tend to link double chin with weight gain. However, even someone who has the ideal weight can develop a double chin. Because, besides excess weight gain, other causes might cause a double chin. Some of the causes could be genetic, poor posture, ageing skin and facial structure are some of other causes for double chin.

Therefore, here are some powerful stretches with proper diets to reduce your double chin.

  1. Smile

Reduce Your Double Chin

The instant smile will stretch the chin, it will stretch the jaws, skin, and throat region which will help to burn calories.

Close your mouth and clench your teeth, attempting to expand the corner of your lip as wide as possible. If you practice this stretch correctly, you will feel a strain in your chin muscle. Hold the stretch for 5 seconds and relax. Repeat this 5 times.

  1. Neckroll

We hardly pay attention to our neck; a double chin can also be because of underused or under stretch neck muscles. These simple neck exercises are easy to perform and can be done any time in the day but remember to move your neck slowly to avoid any injury.

Do a simple neck warm-up known as Shukshma Vyayama that will help to loosen the muscle and remove any energy blockages.

Sit in any comfortable position and move- upward and backward, side to side, and ear to ear. This helps to gently stretch these muscles and reduce double chin.

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  1. Jaw lift

Skin sagging is a natural process of ageing, but with jaw lift exercise you can firm skin. This exercise works effectively on the muscles, around the upper lip, and below the chin, thus preventing sagging.

To do this exercise, tilt your head back and look up to the ceiling, slide your bottom jaw forward, hold for 5-10 seconds, and release. There is one more variation in this, move your head back and look up to the ceiling and then try and move your lips upwards, as if you want to kiss something. This kissing movement should be repeated 2-3 times. It will provide a good stretch to the lower jaw and neck and will help in removing excess fat from that place.

  1. Simha Asana

The upward movement in Simha Asana generates intense stretches. This stretch is felt very strongly in the throat region, the double chin is also associated with the weakness of the throat muscles. Therefore, these muscles should be strengthened as well.

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Double chin is also associated with the weakness of Hyoid muscles should be strengthened as well. Hyoid muscles are situated in the throat region and are important for swallowing and speech. So, Simha Asana exercises underused muscles and stimulates the region which helps to burn the fat accumulated in that region.

Kneel down with your knees wide, your hips should be on your heels, place your hands on the floor between your knees. The fingers should face your body and the palms should be pressed downwards. Open your mouth widely and put your tongue out as much as possible and make an aahhh. After the exhalation is complete then relax and perform it 5 times.

  1. Fish face

Reduce Your Double Chin

This stretch looks simple, but cannot hold for long.

Suck your cheeks in, to get rid of a double chin.

Do this effective technique to help yourself. Apart from these wonderful stretches, you should live a healthy and active lifestyle that is helpful to reduce your double chin. Avoid processed and sugary foods. Exercise frequently and follow a healthy routine regularly. Do not get stressed about the double chin as it looks really cute. Stressing will rather harm you. Therefore, keep your mind calm and practice these things regularly. Follow a disciplined lifestyle.

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