Redefining the ‘Real Man’ of our society

Be a Man:  What does it really mean?

What is your understanding of man? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word man?  Do you think about the discrimination that our society does on a gender basis, strength, love etc? Well, we all have our own set of definitions about the man. But man is a beautiful creature made by God who not only sacrifices but also shows his emotions for others too. From bearing out responsibilities of elder ones and handling all the outside work a small boy often grows into a man before anyone else notices. Yes, we do call men insensitive, but are they actually insensitive? They too can feel the pain as they are humans too but they are good at hiding them. They do go through a lot of ups and downs but they never give up. Isn’t that enough for us to appreciate them?

Hrithik Roshan

Why it’s necessary?

Is it compulsory that men should always pay? Gender should not be a Criterion for paying bills. After all, we are living in the 21st century where both the genders are equally working so why should always men pay? Women can pay on their dates too.

 Breaking Stereotypes

Well, did God himself comes to whisper this thing that men cannot wear pink colour or they do not have right to love this pretty colour. Women have not been assigned any particular colour neither do men. Then why society discriminate genders on the basis of colours? Men can love the pink colour of they find it decent.

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Who said men do not have hearts?

All men are not same. People usually generalize their personal experiences into public statements. Many girls might have come across wrong life partners in their life, but that doesn’t mean that you will generalize entire men species.

Everyone does but nobody accepts!

Women are horny too just like men. It is not men who initiate intimate conversation all the time. Women to talk about it.

Men do gossiping too!

Yes, it’s true not only women do gossiping men too love this. This is not women’s rights even men loves to do bitching sometimes.

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