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Recovering from COVID-19 & returning to work? Here are 7 tips to follow

7 tips to follow if you are recovering from COVID-19 & returning to work

So, you have fought the COVID-19 virus, you have been breathing fine and your test results are negative, then trust us, we are so proud of you that you have fought this battle. But getting your reports negative doesn’t mean you have recovered completely. Your body still needs rest and time to rejuvenate completely so as to get back to a normal state of mind and start working. And if you are recovering from COVID-19 & returning to work then here are a few tips you need to follow. And what goes without saying is that you need to ask your doctor if you are fit to get back to work or not.

Recovering from COVID

7 tips to follow if you are recovering from COVID-19 & returning to work


The first thing to you need to do after when you feel like recovering from COVID-19 & returning to work is to communicate the same with your employer and the teammates. Tell them how you are feeling and let them know how much work you can take on your plate while you are recovering. Ensure that you don’t take hell of a lot to complete your backlog while you are not well. Take baby steps as your body will still need time to completely get back to normal and work.

Schedule the time for working 

As you have had a spell of being on bed rest for quite a while, while recovering from COVID, there can be chances that getting back to work will come to you as highly overwhelming. It can instigate anxiety and guilt in you for not being productive. But honestly, you don’t have to be immediately productive as you truly can’t. Make a schedule for yourself for when are you going to work, when are you going to rest. Ensure that you follow that religiously so as to fully recover and meet the goals.

Maintain a healthy surrounding around your workstation

Keep your workstation in the most positive corner of your room. Maybe hang some motivational quotes there so as to find the will to work. As through the quarantine, you were laying in the same bed, a change in location can really help in finding the right kind of motivation your body will need to get back to form.

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Eat healthily and do some soft stretching exercise

Well, as you have recovered, it doesn’t mean you can get back to eating pizzas and burgers. Try eating healthy food, lite snacks only. And look for some soft stretching exercise just to make you feel energized. Don’t go hard on yourself by doing some hard exercises and push-ups. No. Refrain from doing that.

Spot anything that’s getting uncomfortable to you

There are chances that you will feel fatigued, or get headaches and body aches. Such things should be taken in a note and discussed with the physician. The physician will help by prescribing what you should be doing.

Be kind to yourself 

Last but not the least, be kind to yourself without any guilt. The kinder you will be to yourself, the easier the recovery part will become for you. We are glad that you have fought the battle and it’s just time that you need to give while recovering from COVID-19 & returning to work.

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