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Reconnect; Revive: Join the EmoAid’s Mental Wellbeing Festival

Join Reconnect; Revive, the Mental Wellbeing Festival by EmoAid to learn everyday mental wellbeing

The taboos around mental wellbeing are apparently uncountable. And the need for open conversation around mental health is increasing by each day. Breaking this discussion around mental health, EmoAid is organizing a mental health festival, Reconnect; Revive encouraging open discussions on mental health and well-being. The dates for the fest are 13th August 2021, Friday- 15th August 2021, Sunday. The festival is free for all to attend. The Centre for Child and Adolescent Wellbeing (CCAW), established in 2005 by Dr Deepak Gupta is a strong believer in constantly taking new initiatives for social community work, early intervention, and preventive healthcare. In the process, they have been actively working with various schools, mental health organisations, NGOs, Child Care Institutions, and corporate organisations. And EmoAid, the preventive mental health wing of the Centre for Child and Adolescent Wellbeing (CCAW), Delhi, initiated with the same intention. Below are the details of the event, Reconnect; Revive:

Key objectives of the fest

  1. To create awareness around positive mental health and well-being.
  2. To provide youth and adults with simple, easy, and fun ways to stay positive.
  3. To sensitize and introduce different stabilization and psychological techniques at the community level as a part of a preventive mental health initiative.

To register – https://linktr.ee/emoaid

The organisation associated with the fest

To increase awareness and reach out to maximum people, EmoAid has joined hands with many organisations to help create a difference at a larger community level and promote positive mental health. Some of these organisations include SOS Children’s Villages, Rotary Club of Delhi Millenium, One World News etc. 

Alongside, in one of their events, Acknowledging Youth Warriors of the Pandemic, which aims at appreciating the tireless efforts of the volunteers in these tumultuous times, they have invited several student/youth-run organisations that have contributed actively during the pandemic. Some of the participating organisations include Silence the Violence, Co-WeCare, Covaid, Students for India among others.

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More about the organisation: EmoAid is the preventive mental health wing of the Centre for Child and Adolescent Well Being (CCAW), New Delhi. We work with children, adolescents, youth and parents. EmoAid exclusively works on developing skills and enhancing emotional wellness at a community level through various initiatives. EmoAid self-help online program is the most recognised one of these initiatives and has spread across 7 different countries equipping more than 1200 people with an emotional first aid kit.

What can you get out of the fest?

A- The fest consists of a series of free events such as-

Celebrating Emotions Through Dance Movement Therapy is an event that aims at giving the participants a platform to learn to shake off their worries, anxiety and stresses by using body movements. No prior experience or any sort of training in dance is required to be a part of the event. Details: 13th August, Friday, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

De-stress to Refresh is an event that aims at providing participants with experiential learning of simple psychological techniques from our EmoAid Program to release stress and anxiety. Major takeaways would be fun activities, building an emotional first aid kit for themselves.

Details: 15th August 2021, Sunday, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm 

An Evening of Stand Up Comedy We believe that laughter has therapeutic effects and to encourage that we have organised an evening with a line-up of Stand-Up comics. This will help us reconnect with positive emotions and experience happiness together.

Details: 15th August, Sunday, 6-7.30pm

The three-day-long event will be a soulful space where you will gather information and tips and guides for a mentally healthy lifestyle. Mark the dates, i.e. 13-15 August and don’t miss the fest.

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