Recognise and Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

Recognise and Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

Recognise and Remove Negative Energy From Your Home:- Negative energy is intangible in nature. We cannot see it with a naked eye but we can certainly feel it.

A negative energy might be a specific focused curse or spell. The more you ignore the negative energy, the greater it digs in.

These energies are difficult and challenging to detect though. Most of all the negative energy affects an individual, as a possessed spirit does.

Therefore, once the curse or spell is found then the effect on the individual can be treated ably.

Recognise and Remove Negative Energy From Your Home
Negative energy cause disruption


• Physical Pattern – Includes ill health, anger, behavioural change, negative thoughts, staying low at esteem and being dizzy or laze.

• Negative Space – This refers to a corner or area, where you or somebody might have felt uncomfortable. Kind of suffocated or being gripped by some cord or feeling.

Pro tips, never keep non-working gadgets, or electronic stuff that does not work. Either get it repair or permanently remove it.

They tend to create negative energies that further may distract or instil rotten thoughts.

• Possessed spirit attack – The disturbed sleeping and habits or frequent change of behaviour is considered as a spirit attack. In addition, unable to concentrate or feel emotions can also be included as spirit attack.

Recognise and Remove Negative Energy From Your Home
Feel positive, live positive


• Cleaning of House – This includes cleaning rugs, curtains, windows, walls, bathrooms etc frequently. As every time you clean your home you remove negative energy. The result of cleaning your house space is light and positive.

• Loud Noise – This may sound abrupt to you, but this one is definitely a wizard. Moreover, loud noise is the reason Chinese loves fireworks. Loud noise creates a stoppage for the energy pattern to remain. In addition, our Mother Nature does the same with the noise of thunderstorms.

• Opening Windows and Rearranging Furniture – in the morning open windows and let the fresh air come in. The breeze will uplift mood and create a joyous environment. Whereas, the aim behind rearranging furniture is not letting the negative energy cling anywhere.

• Add greenery – No it does not mean to paint your walls green in colour. Greenery here refers to adding of living plants. Plants in home adds colour, life, oxygen and of course positive energy. Nevertheless, make sure to particular about watering them enough and maintaining them.

• Meditating – Definitely, meditating releases out all the negative vibes, thoughts that are in us. Therefore, this results as a calm and positive person.

Do not forget, incredible things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.

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