Recipe: Make Bread Pizza Pockets to woo your partner

Cook Bread Pizza at home for hassle free mornings

Bread is one of the favorite things we like to have in our breakfast. We almost eat bread on daily basis either in our breakfast or evening
snack. And we also make many different things by using bread. Here we are giving you one more recipe which can work well with bread.

It is nothing but a fusion of Indian tadka with American food i.e pizza.

We all love pizza and pizza stuffed rolls. Here, presenting you one more dish and that is Bread Pizza Pockets.

Bread Pizza Pockets
  • Prep Time is 15 minutes, Cook time is 15 minutes
  • Total – 30 minutes


  • Bread slice – 8-10
  • Fine chopped garlic- 1 tbsp
  • Fine chopped onions- ½ cup
  • Fine chopped carrots- ½ cup
  • Chopped capsicums- ½ cup
  • Frozen corns- ¼ cup
  • Olive- 3-4
  • Sugar- 1tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Oregano- 1tsp
  • Chilli flakes- 1 tsp
  • Pizza and pasta sauce- ¼ cup
  • Oil for frying the material

How To Make Bread Pizza Pockets?

  • Heat the pan with 1 tsp in it.
  • When oil gets hot, add ginger garlic in it and sauté for some time.
  • Once smell of raw garlic and ginger gone, add onions in it and sauté till it turns pink.
  • Once onions get cooked, add olives, capsicum, corns and carrots with pasta sauce and mix well.
  • Add sugar salt oregano and mix well the ingredients.
  • Switch off the gas and let the stuffing cool down .
  • Add grated cheese to the stuff obce it gets cold.
  • Take out the edges of the bread and roll them flat.
  • Now put the stuffing accordingly on the bread and roll them. With the help of water to stick them properly.
  • Deep fry the tight pockets of bread in oil and fry them till it becomes golden brown and crisp.
  • Serve the dish hot with tomato ketchup.

Note: If you want to make it more healthier so you can stuff veggies too.

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