Dear Boys, I am Single but not ready to Mingle

Reasons why it is always better to stay single

Live your life

Reasons why it is always better to stay single:- Don’t take our intentions in a wrong way; we guys are not promoting feminism. If you are a part of a healthy relationship then it’s absolutely fine.

It’s really difficult task now to find a true partner for yourself. In a world where being coupled up or in a relationship seems like all the rage, the reality is that being single can actually better. Well, it gives perfect feeling when one has someone to love, support, and care when things go scary and down. But, that’s not true for all.

Marriage gives us a gratification and everyone wants to seek that but if you are good controller you can definitely control your pulses till you find your true love.

Reasons why it is always better to stay single
Heart says: No Vacancy

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Here are some reasons why the best women stay single the longest

1. You deserve a true and loving partner who can actually understand you and pour love on you. Never choose your partner in hurry it can ruin your life.

2. You like doing things what you want and whenever you want. Nobody should have remote control of your life.

3. You are so unique and beautiful soul that it’s really difficult to find a man that matches your fun loving personality.

4. Your top priorities do not include being someone’s girlfriend or wife. Your priority should be yourself.

5. You love the excitement of first kisses.

6. You had rather not shared your hard earned money. In relationships, things become 50/50 and suddenly you have to keep a watch on spending for the sake of your partnership. So, it’s difficult to share your earned money.

7. You love being single in weddings. You enjoy the weddings of others being single. Single women at weddings kill it in the guy department. Not only do you have single men eyeing you, but married men who miss their single days, too.

8. You can’t spare time to listen someone else problems instead you are busy in building an empire.

9. You are in a relationship with your work so you don’t have time to give time to a man

10. You believe in love not attraction

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