Reasons why a food lover can never go on a diet

Are you the types who JUST CANNOT resist food? Do you absolutely love the smell of food and the sight of it makes you go crazy? Well, then even you are a total food lover and every attempt to go on a diet completely crashes.


Here is why a food lover cannot go a diet:

1. Every time you see food, you become a lot more happier.
2. Food instantly changes your mood. If there’s good food,you are happy. If there’s bad food, you get really angry.
3. You connect better with people who like the same food.
4. You are hungry ALL the time. Like literally.
5. “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.” You do not like such talks in your presence. For some time, carbohydrates and all are your concern, but, when you see food,you’re like “Ah! Who cares?”

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