Razor VS Waxing? Which way to go girls?

Razor is a better option than waxing, here is why?

Well, waxed or cleaned body has become necessity not only for girls but even for boys too. A razor is one of the most important beauty products for all of us. But have you ever wondered when was the first razor invented and when did women even start using it? Here are 10 surprising facts about razor that will leave you stunned.

Beautiful legs
Beautiful legs

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1. Women and men razors are different (it’s high time to understand it)

Avoid using the same razor that boys use. While the blade technology in both the razors might be similar, but women’s razors have a head that is more rounded. The extra protection around the blade ensures the safety for our smooth skin.

2. Razors can make your skin dry is a myth

Razors do not make your skin dry or rough. All you need to do is just use the appropriate shaving gel according to your skin type.

3. Women’s razors can be used multiple times

Don’t worry, if you are using right razor then you can often use it multiple times. Most of them are not designed for just use and throw, making it economical and convenient for many women choosing to shave over other forms of hair removal.

Sexy legs
Sexy legs

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4. Razors help in exfoliating your skin

Razors can make you skin look younger, smoother and shiner. It removes the dead skin and gives a flawless finish to your skin.

5. An old razor can give you more cuts

Use perfect and new razors. This is why you need to look out for when the razor needs replacement. The indicator strips on razors tend to fade after about three or four uses. This is a clear indication that the razor is not going to be as effective as before and that the blades are becoming blunt.

6. It’s perfectly okay to use Razor down there: Indeed Bikni area is more sensitive. But it is completely fine to use razor there. Just remember it should be new and use a lotion ( with no traces of alcohol ) to smoothen the skin after you shave it.

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