Rashami and Umar: Will they ever date each other, Celebrity Astrologer Poonavm Gaur reveals their compatibility!

Rashami and Umar: Can they become more than friends, check what their cards are saying?


  • Rashami and Umar are just friends – Par Kya usey zyada Ho sakte hai?
  • Will they ever date each other?

Rashami and Umar came close during Bigg Boss 15. The duo received a lot of from the audience. In fact, Rashami Desai and Umar Riaz still enjoy a huge fanbase.  Rashami Desai left an unforgettable impact on the viewers. Be it her fight with Devoleena to even performing tasks fiercely, she was on fire. But her chemistry with Umar Riaz remained highlight of the show. Both shared several adorable moments that made their fans go aww. Once the show got over, their dating rumours surfaced. Recently, Rashami opened about her chemistry with Umar Riaz.

During an Instagram ask me anything session, fan asked – Are you in love with Umar Riaz? To which she replied – “No, we are good friends, friends like family, nothing beyond that.” She further added, I know you love our bond and I truly appreciate it. She even shared a selfie with him and played FRIENDS theme song in the background.  In fact, she was also asked about marrying again? To which she replied with Akshay Kumar’s Housefull song – “I don’t know what to do?”!

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Well, Well, Rashami said she just friends with Umar Riaz – Par Kya Kare Fans Hai Ki Maante Nhi? They love their chemistry and want to see them together. Their fans requested us to ask our celebrity astrologer about their future. So we decided to reach out our celebrity astrologer Poonavm Gaur and asked – Will they ever date each other? Here is what she said:

They are quite compatible with each other. If they wish to take things forward, they will surely enjoy a warm and strong relationship. Rashami is a planner and creative person. In fact, she is good at execution as well. To simply put, “Jo Kehti hai Woh Karti hai”. Rashami is quite humble and down to earth, she knows how to take up responsibilities. When she in love, she gives her 100 percent. One thing that she has to keep in mind is – Not to worry about future constantly instead she should live in present.

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On the other hand, Umar is courageous but a little hyperactive. He needs to slow down in his life. But if Rashami and Umar decide to become more than friends, their life journey will be magical. Umar is a hopeful person and help Rashami to calm down when it comes to worrying about future. In a nutshell, she said that taking things forward is in their hands but if they wish to – A beautiful future is waiting for them!

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