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Agrima Joshua getting rape threats from Shubham Mishra is a reminder of a sexist society

A man cannot say “we respect ladies” and then give rape threats to her        

Stand-up comedian Agrima Joshua, a year before made some jokes which offended Shubham Mishra, a YouTuber to that extent that he dared to threaten to rape her and abuse her publicly. Suppose you are offended by someone’s statement, what would you do? You would ask for an apology or explore legal ways to find an explanation. But this Youtuber has the audacity to publicly threaten a girl of rape and use some absurd an unspeakable abusive word against her.

We think that this is not just the problem of the scumbag Shubham Mishra but it is a collective failure of society. You would be wondering how we all are involved in this disgusting behaviour of the Youtuber. Well, here is the explanation. Whenever a man is to be targeted, people threaten him with his life and abuse him “mother and sister”. Now, when a girl commits a mistake, people question her character and give open rape threats. Why this discrimination! Threatening a man of his life is also not justified, one should always seek legal ways. But why a threat against women is specifically of rape-nature, demeaning or filled with obscene words.

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Women who have earlier received rape threats

Agrima is not the first one to receive rape threats, actress Deepika Padukone got rape threats, several journalists including Rana Ayyub gets regular rape threats. Film producer Ekta Kapoor recently received rape threats. Actress Swara Bhaskar is a regular victim of rape threats.

Why society is like this if you do not agree with some female, treat her the way you will treat a man. We never saw a man threatening a man to rape him if he doesn’t apologize for a statement.

If he can give rape threats publicly, what he will do in private

If people like Shubham Mishra who has the audacity to insult a fellow citizen, continues to do similar kinds of acts, we don’t think women will ever dare to take a stand against something. People like Mishra should not just be stopped but very strict actions need to be taken against him. Can you imagine, if this guy says these obscene words publicly, what he could do in private?

People who are not familiar with the whole Shubham Mishra episode, let’s get you covered. Recently, Agrima Joshua’s stand-up act offended supporters of Chatrapati Shivaji. She issued a public apology and deleted the controversial video.

Later, Shubham Mishra blatantly gave rape threats to the Agrima Joshua and used disgusting and obscene words against her. The video shocked everyone who has even an ounce of sensibility. Video of the Mishra is so disturbing that we couldn’t link it.

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