Rape, Rape and Rape: Where our society is heading?

#Shame:  Daughters, you definitely do not deserve this place!

Dear Daughters,

This is not the place for you. People here are not going to change; you definitely deserve a better place. India, the country of heritage and culture is now- a –days only witnessing heinous crimes against its daughters.  Headlines after headlines, and there is no end of rape incidents in our country. Daughters of our country are shouting, they have come on streets, but the situation is only getting worst.

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The cruelty is at its extreme.  Where are we heading? Mythology says after our death either we go to hell or we go to heaven that depends on our Karmas.  Trust me India has become “Hell” for its daughters.  From the past few days, the Unnao rape case is painting a lot of headlines and in the name of justice only “Drama is happening”. On the other hand, an eight– year –old girl was brutally gang-raped and murdered in Kathua. So, where should our daughters go? Can anyone suggest a better place because our daughters definitely deserve better?  They have proved their mettle in each and every field.  They have made India proud several times, and in return why can’t our lawmakers provide them security?


Every morning when we read newspapers or we surf the internet to find news, the only thing we find is- “Rape News”. Rapes have become a part of our life.  We actually do not get bothered by these types of news because we have become habitual.  Is there no way to get rid of this situation?  No matter even if we change our clothes, the mentality of people around will not change.

 Why has this become a particular problem in India?  

One of the prominent reasons behind is the type of upbringing we all provide to our children. The conservative society has contributed a lot to this crime. Apart from it, there is no fear of punishments, our constitution definitely needs amendments.  People in power think that they are the owners of this country.

The male ego is another biggest factor behind the increase in the number of rape cases.  Also, there is a huge difference in sex ratio.

The literacy level is still low. There is a huge mentality difference between the rural and urban population. Sometimes men from the rural area don’t like the kind of freedom and liberty girls get in urban areas.

 Is there any solution?

Keeping in mind the current situation, the only solution is to make strict laws.  People should have fear of laws.  Also, sex education should become mandatory in schools so that men and women will not repress their feelings.

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