Rani Mukherjee’s ‘Best Relationship Advice’ to Saif, here is why all men should take notes?

Valentine’s Day Special: A piece of Relationship advise by Rani Mukherjee that every man should follow

Kareena Kapoor is undoubtedly the quintessential queen of the Bollywood. There is so much grace in every piece of work she does. Last year, she decided to become an RJ. She hosted a chat show called what women want and guess what? It was a huge hit.  In December 2019, she came up with a second season and received so much love. 

All the episodes received love but our favourite episode was aired recently. Yes, we are talking about an episode of Modern Marriages where she invited Saif Ali Khan.  The episode was specially shot for Valentine’s Day. Well, the duo enjoys a huge fandom. A lot of young couples idolise them. It was fun listening to their chit- chat.

Saif and Kareena talked about time management, finances, sharing responsibilities, and much more.

When Kareena asked Saif what is that one mistake which shouldn’t be done in a marriage – He said a couple of things such as – Being unfaithful. And jokingly he said, ‘Don’t attack the maid’.

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Amid all these statements, there is one thing which caught her attention where Saif talked about a piece of advice that Rani gave to him when he had just started dating Kareena Kapoor.

Here is what he said:

“She said that behave like you are going out with a man. Well, I understood what she really meant.  Don’t get into the gender and get ready to welcome another hero in the house. Two people working and if they understand each other well, you will have no problem.”

Well, we have to say  Rani is absolutely right. This is the crux of modern relationships. Don’t get into the gender and treat your partner as a real partner! Equality is the mantra of a happy relationship. 

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