Ranbir Kapoor gets Slammed for his Past Relationships : Past Toh Sabka Hota Hai!

Netizens claim that Alia is in Ek tarfa Pyar with Ranbir. Tumhe itna kaise pata hai Fufaji? #justforfun

Several speculations are going on in the media about whether Alia and Ranbir will marry or not as Alia Bhatt’s Brother Rahul Bhatt revealed that their wedding date has been postponed. However, if the news is to be believed, people are speculating many reasons behind it. Moreover, there is no such information about when the D-day will actually happen.

However, amid all this wedding drama and confusion, netizens are involved in another debate.

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Does Ranbir really love Alia?

The way Alia looks at Ranbir, It is pretty clear that only Alia loves Ranbir. #ektarfapyar Ranbir is not at all invested in Alia. He is still in love with his ex. He is just settling down with Alia. His mother, Neetu Kapoor, likes her.

For the unversed, it is said that Ranbir’s past relationship did not work out because of his mother. Neetu Kapoor never approved any of his girlfriends except Alia. Therefore, Alia is Ranbir’s last resort. But he will definitely be going to break Alia’s heart in future. Well, again, we are only stating such quotes. These are the speculations of people who are manifesting Alia-Ranbir’s destiny.

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People conclude via some of the interviews floating on the internet nowadays. Trollers became so good at reading the body postures of Ranbir that they can actually tell when he is down in the memory lane with Katrina and which of his postures reminds him of Deepika.

Like seriously?? Even their family members cannot predict things with such confidence.

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When fans get too attached to their favourite celebrity couple, they tend to get hurt when things do not work out between them. It is as if they are too emotionally invested in that relationship and took primary couple goals from them. Therefore, sometimes celebs tend to move on with their past and even maintain peace with it. But fans just cannot move on.

As fans, people get attached. However, everyone should know their boundaries too. Peeps have created this narrative in their minds that Ranbir is a ladies’ man. He plays with people’s emotions. He did it with Deepika and then Katrina. And Now, Alia is next.

If a relationship does not head in the direction where it should go, this does not mean that two people do not have a feelings for each other. They are not just meant to be together forever.

Life is a journey, and during this voyage tends to mean many people who just came to serve a purpose. When the goal is fulfilled, they might leave you and anyhow, you have to complete this journey with or without them.

As Zakhir Khan says,

हर रिश्ते की एक उम्र होती है

जब वो उम्र ख़त्म हो जाती है तो वो रिश्ता भी खत्म हो जाता है

इसमें कोई सही नहीं है कोई गलत नहीं है , कोई अच्छा नहीं , कोई बुरा नहीं है, कोई villain नहीं है

मगर तुम hero हो

Finding a soul mate does not mean finding a boyfriend and girlfriend. It can be any person who pampers you with comfort.

Finding a Guy or Girl is just not enough.

Finding yourself is everything!

Having opinions about stars is okay as they are public figures, but making conclusions about someone’s feelings about someone, is something that needs to show a red flag.

Meanwhile, festivities for the big day have begun and celebs are pouring their wishes and blessings for the couple.

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