Ranbir Kapoor Birthday: Reasons that prove ‘Libra Men’ are the best lovers?

Ranbir and Alia are riding high on the success of Brahmastra: Let’s take a look at why Libra men are the best lovers!


  • Ranbir Kapoor Birthday – An actor whose charm is unmatchable.
  • Libra Men are the best lovers 

Ranbir Kapoor Birthday: Ranbir Kapoor turned a year older and we strongly believe that he is ageing like a fine wine. The year 2022 became a milestone year for him. From getting married to the love of his life to the release of his much–awaited film, Brahmastra, he is riding high on success. Ranbir got married to Alia on April 17, 2022, and soon going to become a proud dad as well. The duo is enjoying marital bliss and keeps giving us a couple of goals.

Well, Ranbir Kapoor’s relationships have always been the talk of the town but we know everyone has a past.  As his zodiac sign is Libra, he is quite a balanced person.  His charm is unmatchable. He is Alia’s biggest supporter and cheerleader. If your man is also a Libra, then that’s good news!  Reasons that prove Libra Men are the best lovers.

Librans are ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love, beauty and pleasure.  They are super romantic and incredible in bed.

What happens when a Pisces woman marries a Libra Man?

Librans are true blue romantic people and they leave no stone unturned to make their partner feel special just like Ranbir Kapoor. When Pisces and Libra come together they feel like they have been put on a pedestal and they have been waiting for this all their life. Our celebrity astrologer Poonam Gaur believes in this relationship Alia would be the dominant partner who will not hesitate from demanding everything from time to time.

Notably, Libra and Pisces feel secure in the presence of each other. When they get deeply intimate with each other, the magic they feel is unmatchable.  Both Libra and Pisces have their own intelligence. It’s hard for these two to fall in love but if they fall in love, they compliment each other on their differences in qualities. His intelligence coupled with her deep passion and emotions gives a cosy feel to their relationship.  Interestingly, the Libra man gives his Pisces woman the exact romance she thinks of. Libra man and Pisces woman both crave harmony and Peace.

Libra man takes away all the insecurities

He makes her super special and super safe in his company. The warmth provided by him takes away all the insecurities of a woman and the care and devotion given by her to him make him a stronger person.

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Sexual Intimacy

Libra men are great at making love.  But Libra man and Pisces woman create magic in their sexual intimacy with a blend of tenderness. He knows how to display his love to her by filling her heart with warmth and love. Respecting each other’s feelings and understanding the depth of oneness in their physical love becomes a beautiful experience of gentle pleasure. They both are good at making love and in bed, their chemistry soars.

They Love to experiment

Be it exploring new places, trying new food to even experimenting when it comes to sexual intimacy.  In astrology, Libra is ruled by the Kidneys, buttocks and skin.  So he might be in butt stuff – Have fun!

He will keep all your secrets

Libra men are good, not good. He is great at keeping secrets.  Librans are social butterflies and have a big friend circle. But when it comes to keeping a secret, you can trust your man!

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