We watched Ramayan today & peeps ‘Life has suddenly become #Uncomplicated’

We Watched Ramayan, did you? Netflix walon ‘Yeh Kahan aa gye hum’

COVID 19 outbreak has created havoc all across the world. Humans are facing the worst time ,and this Pandemic has become historic. The outbreak of this deadly virus began in Wuhan, China in December 2019.  After that, it started spreading, and now  189 countries are battling from this virus . Unfortunately, we don’t have any vaccine available for it. The only way to defeat this virus is “Lockdown” and social distancing.  Currently, the entire nation is in lockdown & so far 906 cases have been registered. Indians & the government is trying hard to fight with the situation.
How life has changed after COVID 19 outbreak? 
However, some positive things are happening too .The pollution has gone drastically down. Most of thr cities in India are witnessing fresh and clean air. The ozone layer is healing and animals are having good time. All we need to do is keep giving them food. Well, we all know during difficult times, we usually think negative. That is human psychology. But as they say you need to be mentally prepared to win over any situation. In that case, we need to first think positive. So to make people think positive, Indian government has decided to bring back Ramayan on the television.
Ramayan is back aur yeh kaha aa gye hai hum? Life has become uncomplicated 
Ramayan was one of the iconic TV serials. It was shot in different era, but it had a huge fandom. Ever since the show telecasted, the internet was flooded with memes and nostalgia. In the era of Netflix & chill, Ramayan has brought us back in time & suddenly life has become uncomplicated. We are loving this simple and uncomplicated life & what about you?  Let’s hope this difficult time pass soon! But let us make most of it by enjoying every ‘Pal’.
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