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Ramadan 2021: 5 values that you can adopt this month

Ramadan 2021 has started. Adopt these 5 good habits in this holy month.

Ramadan, one of the most significant periods in life, lasts around 1 month during which people observe a fast. Ramadan 2021 will begin on April 14, 2021, and, end on the evening of May 12, 2021. During the month-long period, Muslims fast from morning to evening. These fasts are called Roza. One should not eat or drink anything while the sun is shining while keeping Roza. During Ramadan, people have their first meal very early in the morning, which is called Sehri. And they break their fasts in the evening and that meal is called Iftar.

It is believed that it was during this period that the angel Gabriel revealed the words of the Quran to Muhammad. Fasting is observed by the believers to remember and commemorate this sacred revelation.  While maintaining fasts believers give priority to spiritual purification. And there can be no better time for everyone, believers nonbelievers alike, to build a habit of doing some spiritual things and bringing your mind and body to peace. So here are some of the things that you can observe during and after Ramadan 2021.

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Being Kind

Being kind is an important way of bringing meaning to our own lives. By being kind we can also bring joy to the lives of other people. It allows us to be compassionate, communicate better, and spread positivity all around. Start with being kind to yourself. Understand yourself, your needs, and your wants. Learn that it is okay sometimes to keep yourself first. Be a good listener because sometimes that is all some people need. Call a friend this Ramadan and let him know you care about them. Appreciate and compliment someone every day.

Being Generous

Sharing what you have can help other people and help you be peaceful. The satisfaction of providing someone with something they need can be sublime. Help people with however much you can. Provide water to birds and animals in this scorching heat. Donate food and clothes to people in need or give them to charities and NGOs around you. If you earn, donate money to worthy causes. You can donate to any cause you relate to the most. Ramadan 2021 is a great time to start practising generosity. You can help people have better iftars and sehris by donating to food shelters.

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Being Grateful

Ramadan is all about being grateful and Ramadan 2021 is the time to learn how to say thank you. More importantly, learn to identify things and people you’re grateful to and for. Express that gratitude. Penning a thank you letter or just saying thank you can make anyone happy. Understand how lucky you are. Observe things that you have and others don’t. Knowing these things can give you perspective in life and help you make better decisions. Gratitude promotes optimism and helps you develop a positive outlook. Gratitude is a habit that you must practice every chance you get.

Forgive and Forget

Resentment takes a lot of energy. It can ruin your day and the days of people around you. So try to have a different perspective. Look at things through a different lens. Try to understand that you don’t actually gain something from hating or resenting anyone. So instead, let go. Focus on the positives., good things that the person has done for you. Take the first step to resolving a conflict. Forgive for what has already passed and move on. This way you can make better relationships.

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Being Empathetic

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. To emphasize means to understand someone’s problems and perspectives. To put yourself in other’s shoes and to relate and understand. Empathy can be a powerful tool to make someone feel better. Try to acknowledge their problems and concerns instead of asking them to stop feeling a certain way. Instead of assuming things, ask questions. Never overshadow someone’s problems with your problems or experiences. And most importantly don’t judge. If a person wants to share his problems with you, it means they trust you will not judge them or belittle them for their problems.

These are a few things that you can start doing in Ramadan 2021 and make an environment around you where you and others are comfortable. Being kind, empathetic, and generous will not only help people around you but help you too. Good things come around and they will for you too. But don’t do anything expecting something. Be kind and good unconditionally.

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