Ramadan 2019: Significance of this ‘Holy Month’


Ramadan 2019: What do and what not to do?

Ramadan 2019 will begin on May 5.  Ramadan is considered a Holy month and Muslims all across the globe fast during this month.  Fasting during this month holds great significance.  People fast during Ramadan to become close to god and to get higher Spiritual experience.  People do a lot of charity during this month. Did you know fasting is one of the five pillars or duties of Islam, and Muslims can participate in this holy practice from the age of 12?  One of the most important aspects of Ramadan is ‘Niyyah’. It actually means intention. To simply put, “Aapka Irada Pak Hona Chahiye.”

Here are five things that you need to do during the month of Ramadan

  • Read Quran Daily

Ramadan is the perfect month to develop the habit of reading the Quran if you don’t read it on a daily basis. It will give you immense peace.

  • Do Good Deeds

Feed a hungry child or family. Give away your clothes to people who need it. Help elderly people. It is a Holy month and doing well to others will make you happy from inside.

  • Say No Jealousy or Ego

Keep all the negative thoughts away from you that will take you closer to Allah. No Jealousy and no ego during this month.

  • Forgive others and spread love and happiness

Do not hold a grudge.  Don’t think twice just forgive others. This is a month of joy and happiness so spread it as much as you can.

  • Providing Food for breaking the Fast

You can provide Food to others for breaking the fast. This will bring to you a lot of blessings. Offering food for breaking fast can bring you loads of luck.

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