Impactful Dialogues from Raksha Bandhan Trailer that gave us reality check! ‘Soch toh Badalni Hai’

 Impactful dialogues from Raksha Bandhan trailer that will wrench your heart & will  show Society Ki Soch Jo badal nhi rahi

Raksha Bandhan trailer is out, and critics are anticipating this could be a big comeback for Akki, aka Akshay Kumar. This time he is here to deliver a family drama that revolves around the bond between a brother and sister.

Akshay Kumar, a brother of four sisters, is going nuts to get his sisters married. As far as the trailer is considered, it seems that Akshay is the sole bread earner of the house. So, his responsibility towards his sisters is way heavier than his girlfriend, played by Bhumi Pednekar.

The trailer is hyped over social media for touching on a sensitive topic, “Bhen Ki Shaadi”. This is not a new concept for Bollywood. Earlier, many filmmakers have tried their hands on this issue. Still, the Raksha Bandhan trailer seems to be fresh as not just it triggers emotions, the film also touches upon the dowry system that is still prevalent in India. The film also talks about how  bride’s family runs out of all their saving just to get their daughter married off in an affluent family.

The concept of the film is supported by some impactful dialogues. Let’s look at how Raksha Bhandhan’s dialogues reveal the truth of society.

“Bhaisaab iss desh ke har ghar Mein beti baithi hain… jiska Dahej kam padh raha hain….aur bas iss ummeed Mein ki woh chhaati thokkar isse Vida kar sake uska baap –bhai apni haddiya gala raha hain”

The dialogue reveals the situation of most Indian middle-class houses who work moon and back to arrange a Shahi Shaadi for their daughter. No doubt, Indians are obsessed with lavish weddings. As per a data, average Indian wedding could cost from 5 lakh to 5 crores.

The amount may be peanuts for some but life-saving for others. An Indian family bears the pressure to woo relatives and the groom’s side by throwing an expensive Shaadi. Yes! Taki char log shaadi mai koi kaami na nikale. Wedding is associated with pride in India, whether taking loans, mortgaging your house, or selling your jewels.  And most of the time, a brother or father has to spend half of their lives paying interest for it.

“Kismet se zada aur waqt se phele, kuch nhi hoga bhaiya, mere or in teen ladkiyo ki kismet maikuch kami hai”

Behen! Cement this thing in your zehen. It’s not the fault of your kismat. It’s the culture where every girl’s life goals are considered- Shaadi, Baccha, or Parivaar. You are beyond this, and you are destined to achieve far more than this. Just because you are not getting a suitable match now does not mean you don’t deserve love.

Just wait siso!

When Bhumi Pednekar ask, “Bharat kab laoge mere ghar?” and Akshay Kumar says, “Jaise mere bheno ki shaadi hogi mai le aaoga”

Choti ho ya badi, why should girls get married before brothers?

On Stalk exchange, some answered this question. They said, “Basically, it is the responsibility point of view; if a boy gets married before his sister, then the responsibilities get dilute. It can lead to arguments at home. Another factor is finance. It’s a norm that we usually give to girls in their marriage. In contrast, boys receive, but in both cases, there are other expenses as well, so logically it makes sense to marry a girl first & then the boy. Another fact is age, boys can wait longer, but over-age girls can become an issue for some”.  Won’t waste a lot of time answering this because yahi to soch badalni hai.

When Bhumi’s father says, “Sath mahine mai retire hone wala hun, use phle mai apni beti ka ghar basa hua dekhna chahta hun”. 

Sometimes Indian parents consider their daughter like electricity bill- time se nhi bhara to penalty (dowry) badti jaegi. Therefore, they want to get her married off before their retirement. An Indian father starts saving for their daughter’s marriage right from when a girl child is born. He feels that any extra demand of the groom’s side can be met until he works. After that, it will become and burden. So, it’s better to retire from the job and from the responsibility of the daughter as well.

We hope Raksha Bandhan comes as a powerful and impactful movie and doesn’t give the 80s or 90s vibe where a woman’s life purpose is only to get married. The film releases on August 11, on Rakhi day.

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