Raksha Bandhan 2019:  This Rakhi gift her ‘Freedom’

This Rakhi gift her ‘Freedom’

Raksha Bandhan 2019:  A day to celebrate the beauty of Brother – Sister Bond

Rakshabandhan 2019 will be celebrated on August 15 this year. It is popularly known as Rakhi. On this day, we celebrate the beauty of the most special bond – Brother and Sister. Every brother and sister in this world fights mercilessly. You can love them, hate them, but you can’t live without them. From being our partners in crime to our being our secret keepers, they know it all. Interestingly, India also celebrates its Independence Day on August 15. Now, isn’t a coincident? Independence means Freedom. India got freedom in the year 1947, but our sisters & daughters are still fighting for it.  On the occasion of Rakhi, brothers are supposed to give gifts to their sisters. He promises to protect her throughout his life. If you are thinking about what to gift her, then we suggest to gift her ‘Freedom’.

Give her Freedom to be financially independent, freedom to make her own decisions, and freedom to make bold moves. This is the best gift you could ever gift to your sister. She is the most precious that you have got.  Being the most important man of her life will help her in getting rid of all kind of social stigmas.

  1. Motivate her to Make Bold Moves

Don’t let her think twice about her life choices. Motivate her to make bold moves. Be it related to career or even personal life.

  1. She wants to be a wrestler: Support her

There is an ongoing war between what to do and what not to do ( for girls).  When it comes to a career, they are usually told to make conventional choices. But what if your sister wants to be a wrestler?  Gift her ‘Yes’ this Rakhi. Support her. Let her know her choices matter.

  1. 3. Self Defence – Let the Fear die

Pampering her with expensive gifts will make her happy for that day, but your one decision can make her happy for the entire life. There is no age bar to learn it.  Make her self –reliant so that she can get freedom from her fear forever. This Rakhi, get her enrolled for the one.


Rakhi is the festival of love, compassion, and happiness. Our sisters and daughters should get their share of freedom. Don’t you feel it? It’s been 73 years?  Brothers promise their sisters to protect them from all kinds of problems. Why don’t we find out the permanent solution?  Gift your sister ‘Freedom’ from kinds of fear.  Make her self –reliant. That’s what every sister wants. Your love and support!

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