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Shocking! Rakhi’s Pati Ritesh Is A Crew Member Of Bigg Boss 15?

Is Rakhi’s Pati Ritesh actually a Bhade Ka Husband? Let’s find out the truth!


  • Rakhi wants to make Ritesh jealous
  • Rakhi called Rajiv Meetha!

Fearless, bold, and  unapologetic about her life choices. Rakhi Sawant is a complete mood.  She knows how to get lens focused only on her on the show.  Rakhi  is also known as controversy queen. However, nowadays, Rakhi’s Pati Ritesh had also become the talk of the town. From the day, Bigg Boss 15 had revealed the real identity of Rakhi’s Husband aka Ritesh, various speculation, and gossips had rose the temperature of Bigg Boss house.

Amid plenty of rumors, one echoed all ears that Rakhi’s Pati Ritesh is actually a bhade (rented) ka husband. This means that he may not be “the Real Ritesh” and is just one of the crewmembers of Bigg Boss 15. Some say that he works as a cameraperson on the set of BB15 itself.

The speculations had taken a strong angle due to various reasons. Some of the reasons anticipated by the BB lovers are:

  1.  Rakhi Sawant never shared a single photograph of her husband since she got married to Ritesh.
  1. Rakhi and Ritesh’s camaraderie on the Bigg Boss left their fans in doubt as they found no chemistry between them. Even Salman Khan mocked Rakhi and Ritesh by saying that she had brought a bhade ka Pati to the show.
  2.   Some fans had identified Ritesh as one of the camera operators of Bigg Boss.

Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant to enter Bigg Boss 15 & we are wondering its BB house ya Rakhi Ka Mayka?

Rakhi wants to make Ritesh jealous

In Bigg Boss 14, we all had seen, Rakhi kept winning Ritesh’s love. And now, when Ritesh and Rakhi are finally in the Bigg Boss house together, their fans were expecting that they will get to see some ‘Rakhi and Ritesh moments’ in the house.

However, things are different in reality.  As per reports, Rakhi’s Pati Ritesh does not want to get cozy with her on national television. Therefore, the actress had to stay away from the latter as her husband had denied accepting her publically.

 However, Rakhi being Rakhi and she went on to request her fellow contestants to make Ritesh jealous so that she can seek his attention. She said, “Arre koi toh kuch Karo, usko jalao yaa phir jagao, par kuch toh karo. Tab Jaake woh mere kareeb aayega yaar. Aa he nahi Raha.”

Seeing Rakhi in such a situation, Umar Riaz advised him to try Vishal Kotian’s trick. That is ‘Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed’.

In the show, Ritesh gives Rakhi attention or not, but she is all in her pativatra mode. During a task, Rakhi got protective of her husband and fought with Pratik and others. Disclosing her insecurities, Rakhi told Karan Kundra and Nishant Bhatt that got scared for her husband’s life. “Yaar mere Pati kahi  maar gya toh  yaar, kitni baar giraa. Mujhe toh darr lag Gaya mere sindoor ko koi aanch toh nahi aajyegi, main vidhwa toh nahi hojaayegi… phir main naye kapde nahi pehen paaungi, lipstick, sindoor, nahi Laga paaungi, main darr Gaya thi,” said Rakhi while narrating the incident.

Rakhi called Rajiv Meetha!

When Rajiv Adatia served Rakhi tea, latterly did not seem very happy with the sweetness of the tea and she passed a homophobic comment on him. She said, “Ye Rajiv khud bhi Meetha hai Aur itni meethi chai banayi hai.”

 Although Rajiv did not react to it, he was ignorant about the actual meaning of the word. However, once he learnt the facts, Adatia felt awful. The two also locked horns while allocation the duties and Rakhi decided to shift Rajiv to the bathroom area. However, the actual reason behind the decision was Rajiv challenged the existence of VIPs.

What do you think? Is This Rakhi’s Pati Ritesh or not?

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