Rain of diamonds, did you know?

Andhra Pradesh is calling Monsoon so as to swap their boring routines to exciting one, as Monsoon brings diamonds to them. Diamonds were showered at some villages in Andhra Pradesh. Few have found the diamonds but few returned empty hands, people have especially gone to find after the news was released to grab the opportunity.

Laxma Reddy, a villager who used to come every year to scrounge diamonds but found none, this year finally she founded and feeling very lucky. “Whatever amount in thousands or lakhs, we get, we will take. It will help me” he said.

Each Year when the Monsoon is on the edge to come, it is said that in many villages of Andhra Pradesh, some expensive stones protrude after rain washes layers of soil.

After a lady in the village found her luck by searching a diamond worth Rs 17 lakhs last week news aired, hundreds of aspirants started eyeing the area to call their luck.


Diamond rain

Words of the villagers and nearby district’s people –

Ponnaiah was excited to found a diamond which he said will solve his problems to an extent, “me and my brother had been searching for diamond. I have found one. We plan to sell it off and this will solve our problems. Now we are returning back, but will come back again”,he said.

Goshiama hasn’t found yet said “others have got in my village, I am still searching, no success”.

Mohammad rafi, another villager, was also unsuccessful in finding yet who came to Kurnool for diamonds “we heard it in news, so I have come from Anathapur, but I have not found anything till now”.

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