Rain and Dust storm to hit Delhi today: How it can take a toll on your health?

Rain and Dust storm can hit Delhi today: Get all the details here

The National Capital was swept by a dust storm and light showers last evening. The storm resulted in a slight dip in the temperature. On Sunday, the maximum temperature in Delhi was recorded at 36 degree Celsius, a notch above the season’s average temperature. Today, people of Delhi woke up to a sunny day. But the weather department has forecasted thunderstorm and rain later day.

According to an official of Indian Meteorological Department, “The Sky was clear in the morning. A thunderstorm with rain is likely to take place later in the day.” He further added, “Delhi has received 6.2mm of rainfall in last 24 hours.

Will rain bring down the temperature?

The maximum temperature of the season was recorded on Friday at 39.2 Celsius. After that, Delhi continued to witness heat like wave condition and day temperatures were settling between 38- 40 degree. Last evening, the capital received light showers which resulted in a slight dip in the temperature. Notably, this is only temporary relief. In the coming days, the temperature will soar.

How it can affect your health?

This rain is not going to any good for your health. In the coming days, the temperature will soar. It is important to take important precautions. Increase the intake of water. Say yes to Cucumber, lemon, coconut water, and other fruits that can help you to stay hydrated.

Talking about skin during summers your skin needs special care. Before you step out in Sun, do not forget to apply sunscreen. It will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. During this changing season, common flu and fever can also take a toll on your health. Do not take your headache and body ache lightly. See a doctor without any delay.

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