Rahul Gandhi speaks up in Lok Sabha


Congress party Vice President Rahul Gandhi gave a dramatic speech in the parliament on Wednesday. His speech was full of jibes directed towards Prime Minister Naendra Modi and the government.

The parliamentarian from Amethi said the in the budget the Finance minister has presented a Fair & lovely scheme through which the government itself will help to convert black money into white, totally defying the promise that the PM made in his election speeches that he will punish anyone with black money, if he comes in power.


He also said that the promise to control inflation was also not met by the government, in fact it had failed to curb price hike and the common man is suffering because of it. He also spoke on job creation that the promise of creating 2 crore jobs every year under Make In India scheme but only ‘babbar shear’ was seen everywhere and not the jobs.

The congress president further added that people are afraid of the powers of Narendra Modi but they should still ask questions to him.

Mr. Gandhi spoke on Rohith Vemula and JNU row connecting it to the dalit string again that the government is harassing the weaker section of the society and not letting them speak up about their problems and tagging them as anti-nationals if they try to speak.

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