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Meet Radhika JA, a 20 –year –old woman who proved ‘Life is about Celebration’

If you have will, you will find a way: Radhika JA is a true example of it!

Life is unpredictable, one never knows what is coming to their way.  We can’t really change our life, but we can always accept it the way it is.  And as they say ‘Acceptance is Bliss’.  Once you accept your life the way it is and start embracing it, you start enjoying the journey.  Well, not everybody understands this concept. A lot of us keep on complaining about the things that we don’t have in life. We crib, crib and crib, which leads to unhappiness. On the other hand, there are people who never give up no matter, what life throws on them. Today, we will give you a sneak peek into Radhika JA’s life. She is a 20 – year –old woman, who had to drop her school when she was in 4th standard due to rare bone disease.

At a time when kids love to play with their friends, Radhika was homebound. But guess what? She didn’t give up. Life gave her lemons and Radhika decided to make lemonade. She hails from Coimbatore and does some beautiful craft work. Recently, we got a chance to speak to her.

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Her interest in Arts & Crafts – Fly High, Girl!

From a very young age, she was interested in Arts and Crafts.  Radhika learnt art and craft from the internet. Once his brother’s friend showed her a video on youtube and since then, she began watching tutorials. She learnt how to make dolls with old newspapers. Today, she is receiving orders from all across the globe.

Talking about the price of the dolls, she said, “the standard size doll costs Rs. 300. If you specifically talk about the range it is – Rs. 150 – 800.” She has got orders from different countries. So far, she has got orders from USA, UK, Dubai, Sri Lanka, and Andaman. She wasn’t able to get some of the orders due to worldwide lockdown.

When chatted about life-  Her Answer took away our heart!

We asked her how she looks at life. Her answer to this question was simple yet meaningful, she said, “If you think it is easy, it will be easy and if you think it is difficult, it will become difficult.”  Radhika believes it is all about your mindset.  Before we wrapped up the conversation she gave a message to everyone.

She said –“ Right mindset and the right people in your life can make your journey beautiful. You can achieve things that you want to achieve in life.” Radhika believes everyone has problems in life, the way you deal with them can make a lot of difference.

 You can reach out to her social media if you want to place an order. Do check her Instagram profile, you will get to see some beautiful dolls made with old newspaper. Interestingly, you can get a customised one too.

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